Results Checker

Results Checker

Discover how to buy your results checker online or Mobile Money (MoMo) via shortcode using your mobile phone. Both BECE and SHS candidates can purchase an online voucher to check their results upon release. To get started, explore and learn to buy your WAEC, WASSCE, BECE, and SHS CSSPS results or placement card.

How to Buy Your Reserve CSSPS Placement Checker

To secure your SHS/BECE/CSSPS Placement Checker, follow these steps:

  1. Explore using your web browser
  2. Choose your preferred card type, for example, ‘CSSPS Placement Checker 2023‘
  3. Specify how many you need; the system will automatically total the cost
  4. Select “Buy Now”
  5. Enter your Name and Contact Number
  6. Tap on “Proceed to Payment”
  7. Choose Mobile Money (MoMo as the mode of payment)
  8. Enter your Mobile Number, and authenticate using the OTP sent to you
  9. Approve the transaction on your mobile device.
  10. A text message will confirm your reservation, and your placement checker will be dispatched after the placements are announced.

How to Buy SHS CSSPS Schools Placement Checker

Here’s a convenient way to purchase your CSSPS checker to view your SHS placement.

  1. Dial *800*055# on your mobile phone
  2. Choose School Placement Checker
  3. Confirm price and description
  4. Select Option 1
  5. Authorise payment via Mobile Money

You will receive the checker card via SMS with instructions to check the results on your phone

For updates on CSSPS Placement:

  • Dial *800055#,
  • Select the “School Placement” option
  • Follow the prompts to receive the latest information on the release of school placements.

In case you need help, reach out at 0535462067.

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