NTC Confirmation Status Portal

NTC Confirmation Status Portal

The National Teaching Council – NTC has opened the confirmation portal for graduates to check and confirm their status before purchasing a Voucher for the 2022 Ghana Teachers Licensure Examination (GTLE).

NTC – GTLE Confirmation Status Portal

This prior initiative is due to the difficulties candidates faced during Licensure Examination registration.

Candidates are been advised to make a follow-up to their awarding institution if an error is confirmed.

Example: “Sorry you have not been confirmed by your school”.

Kindly visit your awarding institution to rectify this issue and have your information uploaded to the NTC portal.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has confirmed the registration and examination dates for the 2022 Ghana Teachers Licensure Examination. Besides, the council has launched a NTC GTLE Ghana PortaPrep Portal to help candidates practice more past and likely examination questions before partaking in the GTLE.

How to Check NTC – GTLE Confirmation Status

  1. Visit the NTC GTLE Portal
  2. Tap on Ghana Teacher Licensure Examinations – GTLE
  3. Select Confirmation Status
  4. Enter your previous school/college index number
  5. Tap on Confirm

NB: Proceed to your awarding institution if your confirmation status fails.

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