NSS Posting Registration and validation procedures

NSS Posting Registration and validation procedures

The National Service Scheme – NSS Posting is out. Registration and validation will begin at all centres across the country, all eligible national service personnel are therefore requested to login here to check their placements and then proceed to the various user agencies to endorse their appointment letters.

To get started, book appointments online for registration and validation at designated centres in the regions.

NSS Posting Registration and Validation Procedures

  1. Log onto the NSS Website: Portal.nss.gov.gh
  2. Check postings and print a copy of the appointment letter
  3. Proceed to user agency for the endorsement of appointment letter by Head of organization of Human Resource Director with an official stamp.

NB: Rejected/released National Service Personnel should go back to NSS Regional Secretariat to begin the process.

  1. After endorsement by the user agency, visit the NSS website to schedule an appointment indication date and time for regional validation and acceptance.
  2. NSP accepted by user agency and has booked appointment should proceed to NSS Regional Zonal Registration Centre for validation and registration to obtain Regional Acceptance Number (RAN)
  3. After validation, print a new appointment letter which has “RAN” and makes three photocopies, submits a copy to the NSS District Office. Give a copy to the user agency and keep one.

NB: Only personnel who book appointments would be attended to at the regional zonal registration centres.

National Service Scheme (NSS) login portal and dashboard


The management wishes to emphasize that it will not encourage the change of postings; and therefore, urges all service personnel posted to accept their placements and consider it as part of their contributions towards the socio-economic development of the nation.

Urgent Notice On NSS Posting 

  1. if you can’t access your postings yet kindly be patient and check later.
  2. Registration verified awaiting postings. You would be posted 100% assured.
  3. Posting on hold or banned. Kindly go to your NSS regional Office with the Student ID card and your National ID card you used during the online registration for verification and postings.

Observe COVID-19 Protocols

  1. Wear face mask
  2. Observe social distance
  3. Sanitize frequently
  4. Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds