NHIS Mobile App

NHIS Mobile App

The introduction of the NHIS App by the National Health Insurance Scheme has made it easy for Ghanaians to register and become a member, create a profile, link NHIS to Ghana Card, renew membership, check status and validity and even use a Ghana card as NHIS Card.

About MyNHIS App

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has designed a comprehensive online self-enrollment portal known as the “MyNHIS app”,  to make registration and renewal of existing membership easy and convenient.

The new application includes several user-friendly features, such as enabling persons desirous of enrolling and renewing with the NHIS to do so in the comfort of their homes using their mobile phones, instead of having to do so at an NHIS District Office.

It will also enable members of the scheme to renew their membership and that of third parties, access frequently asked questions (FAQs), aid in the location of all NHIS Offices and link NHIS card to their Ghana card.

NHIS App has a mobile renewal system to enable members whose cards have expired to conveniently renew NHIS card using mobile phones or short code.

Digitalization has made it possible by just dialing *929# and following through the process to instantly renew your NHIS card without traveling to the office to queue.

The new NHIS Mobile App will operate on both Android and iOS smartphones and will allow NHIS members to securely pay registration and membership renewal fees from their mobile money wallets, Bank, and Visa cards.

Embedded in the MyNHIS App is a member authentication feature to enable healthcare providers to validate the membership status of members of the scheme before providing healthcare to them. This feature of the application will also help to reduce spurious claims, ranging from impersonation and claims manufacturing resulting from collusion between NHIS clients and healthcare providers.

Required Information for NHIS App Registration

To get started on myNHIS App, this information will be required to complete your profile. This will avoid any attempt to use your identity on MyNHIS App.

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Valid Email Address
  • Personal ID Number or Ghana Card Number
  • Document Number

How to Access and Use the NHIS App

Here’s how to access and use the NHIS App for registration and renewal of your membership with a Ghana card.

  1. Download the MyNHIS App for Android or iOS
  2. Launch the NHIS App
  3. Tap on “Don’t have an account”?
  4. Sign Up
  5. Fill in all required details
  6. Tick the box “I Agree to MyNHIS App’s terms & privacy policy”
  7. Tap on the Continue button
  8. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile phone

Register for NHIS with Ghana Card

Create a profile with your Ghana Card and enroll to become an NHIS member.

  1. Access the MyNHIS App
  2. Navigate to “Create Profile”
  3. Fill in the required details
  4. Tap on the Next button
  5. Select the nearest NHIS office within your area
  6. Tap Next to verify
  7. Preview and tap on Done

Well done!!! Access the NHIS App dashboard to create a profile, link NHIS, new registration, and renew your membership with Ghana Card.