Find your NAGRAT Staff ID through the Teacher Portal Ghana and learn how to verify your teacher license with the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The Ghana Education Teacher (GES) teachers who cannot verify their Staff ID or SSNIT should send their payslip, SSNIT ID, and scanned first appointment letter to [email protected]. Requests for statements of professional standing are usually processed within ten business days.

Documents Required for GES Biometric Registration

Qualified newly trained teachers in the Ghana Education Service are to visit any designated center in their region with the following documents;

  • Appointment letter
  • Bank account details
  • Biometric SSNIT ID card
  • Employment form
  • Birth certificate.

Did Your Know 

Current Ghana Education Service | GES Ranks

How to Access GES Staff ID

How to Search for Your NAGRAT Staff ID Online

Follow these steps to access the GES Licensed Teacher Register (PDF) online and download your staff ID.

  1. Go to TPG NTC Portal
  2. Navigate to Regulatory Services
  3. Tap on Licensed Teacher Register
  4. Select Your Region and District
  5. Download the Licensed Teacher Register

How to Verify Your NAGRAT Staff ID

Follow these steps to verify your teacher’s license.

  1. Go to the TPG Portal
  2. Navigate to Regulatory Services
  3. Tap on Licensed Teacher Verification
  4. Enter your License Number
  5. Tap to Verify

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