NaCCA CCP Textbooks Submission Guidelines

NaCCA CCP Textbooks Submission Guidelines

The Management of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has outlined submission guidelines for the assessment and approval of Common Core Programme (CCP) curriculum textbooks. This document provides the detailed Terms and Conditions under which publishers will submit textbooks for assessment and approval for the new CCP curriculum for pre-tertiary education JHS1–JHS3 (Basic 7–9).

The process of NaCCA textbooks submission guidelines Assessment and Approval will be managed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) on behalf of the MoE per the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020 (Act 1023). NaCCA will be responsible for identifying and recommending suitably qualified assessors to form Assessment Panels.

New Standards-Based Curriculum-NaCCA

No Assessor, who has an identified conflict of interest under an established connection with any submitting publishing house will be recommended or approved.

The Assessment Panels will use the criteria and scoring systems established in the Mark Sheets as the basis for their assessments of each submission. There may be minor differences in the nature and the specific requirements of the assessments for the different learning areas.

NaCCA invites publishers to submit textbooks for approval

The following core principles will apply in the assessment and selection procedures:

  1. There will be a pool of Content Assessors covering all the learning areas and a Technical Assessment Team:
  2. Details of the composition of the Assessment Panels and the conditions of membership are provided in Appendix 4.
  3. Qualified Technical Experts, appointed by NaCCA, will perform a Technical Assessment of the Original Copies submitted (see Appendix 1 and Appendix 4).
  4. A submission component must score 80% of the marks allocated to conformity to the curriculum, plus a minimum score of 65% of the total available marks in all assessment categories.
  5. Each Assessment Panel member will score each submitted learner‖s book and facilitator‖s guide independently and without prior consultation with other panel members.
  6. The scores of the individual Panel Members will be totaled and averaged. Submissions that fail to reach key threshold levels (e.g. conformity to curriculum) will be disqualified.
  7. Qualified submissions with assessors‖ recommendations have to be resubmitted for verification after the recommendations have been affected by the publisher.
  8. Qualified and verified submissions will be validated by the Textbook and Other Educational Materials (TOEM) Sub-Committee of NaCCA.
  9. The validated submissions will then be given approval status and entered into the NaCCA database of approved textbooks.
  10. Publishers of all successfully assessed and approved textbooks will be notified by NaCCA as soon as the assessment is complete.
  11. Participating publishers will be given access to the Assessment Criteria Mark Sheets for all submitted titles for assessment upon written request to the Director-General of NaCCA.
  12. NaCCA will be responsible for the production and publication of the updated Approved Textbook List which will be available on their website.

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NaCCA invites publishers to submit textbooks for approval

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