Ministry of Information MOI Amplified: Nominate Now

Ministry of Information MOI Amplified: Nominate Now

What is Ministry of Information-MOI Amplified Ghana

Amplified is a series of social marketing programs that are focused on using the New Media leverage of the Ministry of Information and association of program partners to support the work of young Ghanaian and to aid them in reaching larger audiences with;

  • Entrepreneurial products/services
  • Social causes
  • Youth mentorship and inspiring stories

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How to register for MOI Amplified Ghana

Amplified is a new media initiative to promote businesses, mentor the youth, and champion social causes.

  1. Visit the web address:
  2. Register Here
  3. Send an Email (fill in your Name and Email Address)
  4. Select an initiative
  5. Submit

What are some of the benefits of  MOI Amplified

MOI Amplified will focus on the three main areas;

Amplified BusinessRegister MOI Amplified Business Ministry of Information Ghana

Amplified Business will highlight the products and service of young Ghanaian entrepreneurs doing business in Ghana.

If you are a young entrepreneur doing something of value, this is the platform to participate in.

Nominate an Entrepreneur

Amplified SuccessRegister MOI Amplified Success Ministry of Information Ghana

Amplified Success is a weekly conversation on career guidance, mentoring, and leadership for the youth of Ghana.

Through amplified success, we expect to highlight stories and mentorship programs that will inspire and motivate the Ghanaian youth.

Nominate a Mentorship Program

Amplified SocialRegister MOI Amplified Social Ministry of Information Ghana

Amplified Social will focus on advocating human-centered issues, adding a stronger voice to the issues that confront us.

By amplifying these social causes, we expect that we can get more support and attention for the greater public good.

Nominate a Cause

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The agenda of Ministry of Information MOI Amplified Ghana will help entrepreneurs reach larger markets with their goods and services which is expected to increase demand for their products and profit margin as well.

By amplifying selected social causes, we expect increased support for social causes by the greater Ghanaian society, for our greater good.

By amplifying selected mentoring and inspiring stories, we expect more Ghanaian youth to aspire to excel and to do so with the right set of values.