Lyceum AIMS Student Portal

Lyceum AIMS Student Portal

Discover the Lyceum-Northwestern University Student Portal via and login with their credentials for online academic course registration. Here, lyceum student access module online services, check application status, residential registration, and exam results, change personal information, print their fee statements, check their timetable, and make payments.

Lyceum-Northwestern University Student Portal

Lyceum-Northwestern University access module is exclusively for students only. Functions included are, Messages, Update of Profile, Change of Password, Registration of Subjects, Assessment of Selected Subjects, Payment History (Statement of Accounts).


  • To sign in, specify your username and password and click on the Login button
  • To clear entries, click on the Clear Entries button
  • If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot Password link for assistance

How to Access Lyceum Northwestern University Student Portal

Here’s how to access and login to the Lyceum Northwestern University Student Portal

  1. Access the Lyceum-Northwestern University Website
  2. Navigate to Student
  3. Select My Portal from the drop-down menu
  4. URL redirect to the Student Portal
  5. Enter your login credential

Lyceum AIMS Student Portal Enrollment Process

(For Old/Continuing Students without Deficiencies/Outstanding Balance)

  1. Login to AIMS Student Portal
  2. Navigate to your enrollment schedule
  3. Tap on the Section Offering Tab
  4. Select Course
  5. Tap on the View Sections to show all sections offered
  6. Navigate to the Registration Tab
  7. Tap on the circle before the subjects you intend to enroll in only
  8. Select schedule from the dropdown
  9. After selecting all your subjects, click the Assess button
  10. Select the desired mode of payment
  11. Tap the Save button to finalize your enrollment load with assessed fees
  12. Pay your down payment/Assessment at BPI Bank Transfer or any online payment facility (G-Cash, Paymaya, Bank Transfer)
  13. Submit proof of online payment thru Google Form

Lyceum Contact Details

Tel: 0861 819 211

Email: [email protected]