Login and access Ghana Lands Commission Portal

Login and access Ghana Lands Commission Portal

Login and access the website of Ghana Lands Commission portal (https://www.lc.gov.gh/services) for step-by-step guidelines on the online submission and payment process, how to track their applications online, how to access the search reports online and the fee payable for the consolidated search and all verification process in Ghana.

Lands Commission to begin one-stop verification system

The public is hereby notified that from 1st October, 2021, the Lands Commission, Greater Accra Region will no longer issue separate search reports from its divisions (i.e. Public & Vested Land Management Division (PVLMD), Land Registration Division (LRD) & Survey & Mapping Division (SMD).

Records from these divisions will be consolidated into one Land Commission search report.

This is to ensure that a search report from the Lands Commission on a parcel of land provides full information relating to that parcel in a single report instead of three separate reports.

Lands Commission Website

The public is advised to visit the Lands Commission website (https://www.lc.gov.gh/services).

Besides, all applications for searches should be submitted online through https://onlineservices.lc.gov.gh. However, clients who visit the Client Service Access Unit (CSAU) of the Lands Commission will be assisted to submit the applications online.

Ghana Lands Commission Portal

Here are all the simple steps to follow and create your account with Ghana Lands Commission

  1. Visit the Ghana Lands Commission website
  2. Navigate and Tap on Online Services
  3. Select the Account Type (Individual or Corporate)
  4. Fill in the following details
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Other Name
  • Gender
  1. Enter your TIN Number (Now emerge Ghana Card)
  2. Select ID Type and Input ID Number
  3. Enter a valid email address and Phone Number
  4. Input your Address (See GhanaPost GPS Digital Address)
  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions
  6. Tap on Create Account

How to Login Ghana Lands Commission Portal

  1. Sign in here to your account to continue (Don’t have an account? Create your account)
  2. Choose your account type (Individual or Corporate)
  3. Enter your Email Address or Password (forget password?)
  4. Tap Sign in.

Land Registration

According to section 21 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767), the functions of the Land Registration Division are:

  • Publication of notices of registration upon receipt of an application for registration;
  • Registration of title to land and other interests in land;
  • Registration of deeds and other instruments affecting land in areas outside compulsory title registration districts;
  • Maintaining land registers that contains records of land and other interests in land.
  • Other functions determined by the Commission.