List of Approved Subjects to Attract Ghana Education Service (GES) Study Leave with Pay

List of Approved Subjects to Attract Ghana Education Service (GES) Study Leave with Pay

Discover the list of approved subjects area available for Ghana Education Service – GES Study Leave With Pay, eligibility, qualifications, required documents, and other general requirements.

GES Study Leave with Pay for 2024 Academic Year

The Ghana Education Service (GES) wishes to bring to the notice of its eligible employees the approved subject areas and the conditions for the grant of study leave with pay for the 2024/2025 academic year.

Qualification for Study Leave with Pay 2024/2025

For any member of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to benefit from the above-mentioned content, he or she must be eligible by satisfying the following requirements;

  1. Applicant must serve three (3) years after completing College of Education
  2. GES staff who served two years in a deprived district/school is eligible.
  3. The qualified applicant must pursue an approved course as determined by the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service.
  4. Staff pursuing second and third degrees do not qualify for study with pay but could pursue sandwich or distance programmes.
  5. Teachers who have attained the GES ranks of Principal Superintendent through sandwich and Distance courses do not qualify for study leave with pay.
  6. GES staff who are fifty-five years and above do not qualify for study leave with pay.

The Effects of Study Leave without Pay

  1. Loss of salary and SSNIT contribution
  2. Denial of outright posting after the course.
  3. Challenges of re-engagement, especially through replacement where a staff number is required. TOR (HRM)
  4. Denial of GES promotions while in school.
  5. Years in school are not counted as years of service

GES Study Leave With Pay Required Documents

GES Application for Study Leave with Pay

Eligible applicants are to obtain the study leave with pay forms at the Registry.

NB: Two (2) copies of monitoring forms will be collected at the end of the first semester. The district-approved lists will be sent to District Study Leave with Pay Coordinators with dates of collection by each district.

List of approved subjects to attract GES Study Leave With Pay

Here’s the list of subject areas available for Ghana Education Service, GES study leave with pay.

S/NSubjectsPercentage Allocation




5Integrated Science
6English Language
7Physical Education
10Special Education


11Ghanaian Language
12Guidance and Counselling
13Early Childhood
14Religious Studies (CRS)

Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

20Visual Arts (GKA, Creative Art, Sculpture)
21Vocational Education (Clothing & Textiles, Hospitality Management, Catering, Fashion & Design, Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, and Home Economics
22Technical Courses (Tech Drawing, Electronics, Applied Electricity, Refrigeration, Welding, Metal Work, Building Construction, Auto Mechanic, Auto Works Draughtmanship, Creative Arts, Graphic Design)

Non-Teaching Only


23Laboratory Technician
24Supply and Logistics

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