Koforidua Technical University releases academic calendar for 2021/2022

Koforidua Technical University releases academic calendar for 2021/2022

The Koforidua Technical University (KTU) has officially released the academic calendar for the 2021/2022 academic year. Students of the university can download PDF here.

KTU SIP Student Portal

Koforidua Technical University Academic Calendar

1)Reporting (Freshers)6th Jan 2022
2)Registration – Freshers (All Programmes)6th  January  – 30th  Jan 2022
3)Reopening – Continuing Students (All Programmes)6th Jan 2022
4)Registration – Continuing Students (All Programmes Including Weekend)6th  January  – 30th  Jan 2022
5)Orientation – Freshers (Morning)10th – 14h January 2022
6)Orientation – Freshers (Weekend)15th – 16th January 2022
7)Lectures Begin (All Programmes)17th January 2022
8)Lectures Begin (Weekend)21st  January 2022
9)Submission of 1st Semester Questions to Deans – (All programmes

including Weekend Session)

21st February, 2022
10)Submission of 1st  Semester Questions to Pro-Vice-Chancellor (All25th February 2022
programmes including Weekend Session)
11)Matriculation26th February 2022
12)Submission of 1st  Semester HND Questions to NABPTEX – (All

programmes) – Pro-Vice-Chancellor

28th February, 2022
13)Mid-Semester Examination(All Programmes including Weekend Session)28th February – 6th  March,


14)Block One Examination (BTech. Building Technology)4th – 13th March 2022
15)Congregation12th March 2022
16)Practical  Examinations  (All  programmes  including  Weekend


1st – 14th April 2022
17)Easter Break15th – 18th April, 2022
18)End of 1st Semester Examinations (Fresh and Continuing Students)

– Morning Session

25th April – 13th May, 2022

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