KNEC Business TVET and BTEP Examination Timetable PDF

KNEC Business TVET and BTEP Examination Timetable PDF

The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC has released Business Education Single and Group Certificate (S & G Subjects) Business Technical Education Programme (BTEP) Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Examination Timetable PDF.

Candidates can access and download the KNEC Business TVET and BTEP Examination Timetable PDF online.

General Instructions to the Candidates

  • Be at your seat in the Examination Room five minutes before the time fixed for the examination in the various papers. All sessions will start at 8.00 am.
  • A candidate who arrives late will be required to give a satisfactory reason to the supervisor. Except in exceptional circumstances, a paper will not be given to any candidate who is more than half an hour late. Absolute punctuality is essential for certain papers, e.g. Shorthand.
  • If an examination paper for which you are not entered is handed to you, or if the questions indicate that other materials should also have been given out, speak to the supervisor at once.
  • Attend carefully to any general directions that may be given at the head of a paper, e.g. directions limiting the number of questions that should be answered.
  • Write your name, your index number as well as the name of the paper on the first page of each answer book or sheet of each set of papers you use.
  • Your index number must be written in clear figures in the space provided on every sheet or page of the answer book.
  • Write on both sides of the paper, but do not use the margins. Begin the answer to each separate part of a question on a fresh line.
  • Write the number of the question clearly in the left-hand margin at the beginning of each answer. Do not copy the question. Be careful to use the same system of numbering as appears in the question paper. Leave a blank line after the answer to each question.
  • Write your answers with black or blue ink. You may use a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. Pencils should only be used for diagrams. Remember that handwriting and spelling will be taken into account. Bring mathematical and drawing instruments for subjects for which they will be needed.
  • Read the questions carefully. Much time may be wasted in writing down information that is not asked for and no marks are given for it.
  • Do not write so much upon one or two questions as to leave yourself not enough time to answer others which you can answer.
  • As soon as notice is given to stop, ARRANGE YOUR ANSWER BOOK AND SHEETS IN THE CORRECT ORDER (this is normally the order in which you answered the questions). Make sure that they all have your index number written on them. Fasten them together at the left-hand corner and hand them UNFOLDED to the supervisor.
  • Withdrawal from the examination should have been notified to the Council before any papers of the examination are taken.

Cautions to the Candidates

  • You are not allowed to leave the examination room before the end of the period allocated to the paper except with special permission of the supervisor.
  • No candidate so permitted may take a question paper out of the examination room.
  • Do not leave a sheet of paper you have written on or your answers in such a position that another candidate can read them. You should not give or obtain unfair assistance, or attempt to do so, whether by copying or in any other way, and your work should not show proof of such unfair assistance.
  • No communication whatsoever in whatever manner between candidates or with outsiders is allowed during the examination.
  • You are not allowed to have in your possession or your proximity while in the examination room, any book, notes, papers, or any other materials
  • whatsoever except the correct question paper and any materials expressly authorized by the Kenya National Examinations Council.
  • You may only use mathematical tables printed by the Kenya National Examinations Council, and these should not contain any additional notes except the printed information. If you are using a slide ruler as permitted by the Regulations it should not contain formulae or other data that may give you undue advantage over other candidates. If in doubt, check with the supervisor.
  • You must return immediately to the Supervisor any incorrect question paper given to you.
  • You must not take any used or unused writing paper out of the examination room. Any rough work must be done on the official answer paper and; if not to be submitted with the answers, must be left on the desks to be collected by the supervisor and destroyed.
  • Disorderly conduct or the causing of disturbance in or near the examination room will be treated as a serious examination irregularity.
  • Note that cell phones are prohibited in examination rooms and the examination center. Any candidate caught in possession of a cell phone will have his/her results canceled

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The KNEC Business TVET and BTEP Examination Timetable consist of days, dates, examination, subject code, name, and duration or time of each paper.


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