Kisii University eLearning Portal –

Kisii University eLearning Portal –

Explore the Kisii University eLearning Portal via and login with your Username (Student Number) and Password. The Kisii E-earning is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to help deliver online lectures and resources to students.

About Kisii University E-Learning Portal

The Kisii University has designed an online Learning Management System (LMS) portal to give easy access for students to attend online lectures, get lecture notes and submit assignments anywhere and anytime.

The eLearning platform also helps lecturers of the Kisii University to upload loading their courses and course materials (ie. course outlines, Timetable, lecture notes/PowerPoint presentations, recommended reading books/journals, videos, and forums) via the E-learning platform to enable students to access them online.

All students of Kisii University have equal access to the Kisii online platform. Besides, the Kisii e-learning portal is to facilitate online teaching and learning at Kisii University.

How to Access the Kisii University eLearning Portal

Here is how to access the Kisii eLearning Portal

  1. Browse the Kisii University Official Website via: E-Learning Portal
  2. Navigate to E-Learning Portal Login page
  3. Tap on Log In at the right corner of the home page
  4. Enter your Student Number and Password
  5. Tap Login

How to Login Kisii University eLearning Portal

  1. Login Kisii eLearning Portal
  2. Enter your Username (Student Number) and Password
  3. Tap Login

Kisii University Student Portal –

Reset Forget Password

To reset your password here is the step to follow;

  1. Login here
  2. Submit your Username or Email Address
  3. Tap Search

If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions on how to get access again.

Contact Kisii University

Kisii University

P.O BOX 408-40200,

Kisii, Kenya.

Street: Located along Kisii-Kilgoris Road

Phone: +254720875082

E-mail: [email protected]