KETASCO Online Admission Portal

KETASCO Online Admission Portal

Access the Keta Senior High Technical School – KETASCO Online Admission Portal via and log in to download the SHS admission letter, admission form, CSSPS enrollment form, prospectus, kits list, and enrollment code.

About Keta Senior High Technical School Online Admission Portal

Keta Senior High Technical School now offers an online admission portal for prospective students. The portal allows applicants to conveniently complete the admission process digitally. It provides a user-friendly interface where students can submit their personal details, academic records, and required documents.

This online platform simplifies the admission procedure, saving time and reducing paperwork for both the school administration and applicants. Keta Senior High Technical School’s online admission portal is a valuable addition to modernizing the school’s admission process.

Computerized School Selection and Placement System, CSSPS

Explore the CSSPS Checker Portal and Check SHS Placement. Proceed to download the SHS School Admission Letter Online, print it out, complete the form with your details, and submit a copy to the school administration if you are only placed by CSSPS.

Successful aspirants are required NOT TO come to the school premises; just follow the procedures online and come to school on the date announced by GES.

Programmes Offered at KETASCO

  1. Business
  2. Technical
  3. Agriculture
  4. Home Economics
  5. Visual Arts
  6. General Arts
  7. General Science

How to Login to the KETASCO Online Admission Portal

Discover the step-by-step instructions to log in to confirm and download the Keta Senior High Technical School Admission form and letter. 

  1. Access the myshsadmission to download the SHS admission letter, CSSPS enrollment form., and more.
  2. Locate the section needed to select your school to proceed with the portal
  3. Thereafter, select your school (KETASCO) and Tap on it
  4. After that, enter your JHS Index Number
  5. Locate and Tap on Login Button to Proceed
  6. Complete and submit the admission form
  7. Print your Admission Notice
  8. Download the Kit List and other documents, including the CSSPS enrollment form, prospectus, and kits list.

Document to Download

Download the following documents after filling out the admission form:

  1. Admission letter
  2. Prospectus
  3. Placement Form
  4. Enrolment Form

How to Login to the KETASCO Student Portal

Check out the steps to access and login into the Keta Senior High Technical School Student Portal

  1. Discover the KETASCO Student Portal via
  2. Enter your Login ID
  3. Provide your Password
  4. Tap on the Login Button to Proceed

Well done!!! Use your JHS Index number to log into the system if you have not been placed, use the CSSPS SHS Self-Placement Portal. Find STEM Schools in Ghana.

You will be required to input your Enrolment Code found on the Enrolment Form. Admission is not complete without these documents.

Guidelines for New Arrivals

  • Students are to undergo a physical examination at the school gate to ensure that they are in the prescribed attire, have their hair trimmed according to school regulations, etc.
  • Students, especially boarders, must report to the Senior Housemaster, Senior Housemistress, or their assistants for their List to be inspected.
  • Each student would be allocated to a house of residence after going through a registration process. Day students are obliged to undergo the registration process to be affiliated with a house.
  • Students are advised to keep their registration receipts, which will be used for the collection of items from the school’s store.
  • Borders are obliged to report to their houseparents for registration and dormitory allocation.
  • Boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress for the allocation of tables in the dining hall.
  • Under no circumstance should a student give pocket money or any personal items to a senior for safekeeping. Such monies should be kept with their house parents.

Guidelines for Subsequent Arrivals

  • Students are to report to their house parents for registration immediately upon arrival.
  • Boarders must report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress for table allocation.

Contact Details

Address: VXWQ+3CJ, Keta

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