Kenya School of Law Loan Application

Kenya School of Law Loan Application

Application for the Kenya School of Law (KSL) tuition loan is now open. Applicants are encouraged to seize the opportunity and apply online.

Kenya School of Law Scholarship

The Kenya School of Law (KSL) partnered with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) to set up the Kenya School of Law Tuition Loan to offer loans to students sitting for their Advocate Training Program (ATP). The scheme caters for tuition fees only.

KSL Eligible Students

Applicants must be Students pursuing the Advocate Training Program at the Kenya School of Law.

How to Apply for Kenya School of Law Loan

  1. Go to to access the Student Portal to register, create, and activate an account (ensure you use your mobile number registered under your name and national ID number).
  2. Log in, fill profile, and upload documents.
  3. Upon completion of the profile, select the 2024/2025 Kenya School of Law Tuition Loan Application
  4. Read and appraise yourself online on Financial Literacy and appreciate the purpose of Higher Education Financing.
  5. Access and fill in the KSL Loan application form.
  6. Upon successful application and submission of the Loan application online, you will not be required to print and submit any physical application to us (This is a paperless application).
  7. Track the processing status of your KSL Loan application on the HEF Student Portal.
  8. Contact us for any/further assistance.

Ensure that you read, understand, and follow the instructions provided at the beginning of the online loan application process including reading and undertaking the HEF Financial Literacy Programme.

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