Important Information to University Students

Important Information to University Students

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What You Need to Know

The fresh students in our university should know where they’re coming from, what they aspire to become after school, and the important role they want to play in our country Ghana. One thing they must also know is that they are the most privileged ones to have their fees paid by their parents, other fewer privileged students are still going through so many struggling to gather the money to pay for their admission fees which cost about two thousand plus they’re even wondering how and where they will get this whopping sum of money before the closing date elapsed.

The Category of Student On Campus

The university is an envelope with a category of persons who are in for special purposes, the first group of people in the university came purposely to destroyed lives through abominable things that society frown upon. The second group of people also came in, to actualize their dreams through practical learning and teaching. The third group of people just want to pass through the institution because they only want to be recognized as a university graduate. As s fresh students in the university what are your expectations in life, where do you want to be after having the four years tertiary education degree certificate?

Why You Are Here

The university has a plenty variety of courses that it runs, the onus lies on all the fresh students to look into these courses with right conscience and conviction and opt the best one and pursue it to the latter. More importantly, technical and vocation courses are needed in many industries across the globe. Institutional management and hospitality programs too are good programs that students should be looking for to study because there are available jobs for them. The kind of programs you did a study in the university will be predetermined who you will become after schooling.

The university environment is for intellectual academic exercise not for jamborees and whimsical attitude towards academic work, the university is to teach, train and expose you to the world of work, the facilitator’s ultimate responsibility is to give up their best they can in shaping and molding you to become a useful citizen during after your years in the university. The greater part of the academic works itself depends on you the student receiving the lessons in the classroom and you must be busily seen doing most of these academic works through researching, investigation, and analytical thinking based on result-driven You must have all the learning materials that will equip you to have upper hand on what you’re studying in the university.

What Your Can Do More

While in the university, you must try and prove yourself wealthy in all aspects of social life, never limit yourself to only one or two things, you need to always join seminars, symposiums and lectures are taking place so that you can have a deeper understanding of what you’re learning in school. Some of these things always help broaden your horizon and thinking capacity thereby make you very confident when speaking in public.

Some students always want to wear provocative dresses to get attraction and attention on campus, the university is not a place for you to go and be exhibiting that kind of uncultured and unpardonable behaviors, the university authorities required all students to be responsible in dressing decently before coming to lectures on campus. Our lecturers are not willing to you people dress anyhow on campus. Learn to respect those in authority and obey simple instructions that are meant for your academic well-being.

Author: Everlove Quarshie.

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