ikolilu Parents Portal

ikolilu Parents Portal

Access ikolilu Parents Portal via the website here and explore an Education Management Platform designed to connect teachers, parents, and schools. New technologies to help streamline communication, Sign Up today to this world of possibilities with iKolilu Parent Portal

iKolilu Parent Portal connects parents to their ward school and gives them access to the records of their ward’s progress, bills/payments, school newsletters.

About ikolilu Parents Portal

iKolilu is a Financial, Administrative, Academic, Platform for Schools. It was built to suit every need of any educational institute. iKolilu Parent Portal is a platform to connect the parents and the school.

Here they can view their ward academic records, bill invoices, payment receipts, and also make payments to name a few.

Besides, it reduces the stress of being in person. Get notified, make payment, and download payment receipt on the go. Help ward to download and submit an assignment

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The portal serves the purpose of:

  • Viewing Scores, Grades, and Performances of your ward.
  • Viewing Bills, Payments, and Balances. Make a payment of bill items via mobile money, card, or bank transfer using iKolilu-pay
  • Receiving updates of Newsletters, Events, Assignment, Receipts, and Invoice
  • Viewing schools calender, Assignment Manager (Download/Upload/View Scores), Daily Attendance Record

How to Access and Enroll on Ikolilu Parent Portal

Here are the 4 easy steps to access the ikolilu portal

  1. Visit the URL: https://www.ikolilu.com/portal/v1.4.2/
  2. Navigate and locate the Login Button
  3. Enter your Email Address and Password
  4. Tap Sign In

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard where you’ll be able to perform any academic or payment services.

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