IEC Election Results Dashboard in South Africa

IEC Election Results Dashboard in South Africa

Explore the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Election Results in South Africa through the National and provincial election results dashboard.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) election results dashboard lets you view live election results in real-time from the Electoral Commission of South Africa. Locate the IECĀ SA Election Results Operations Centres (ROCS).

When is the Electoral Commissioner Announcing Election Results?

Once voting is complete, ballot counting occurs at the voting station where the votes are cast. According to the Electoral Act, the Commissioner has 7 days to announce the results.

Ballots are counted normally at the voting station where the votes are cast. Party agents, independent candidate agents, and observers oversee the entire counting and results process and are present at all times.

Did you know? Party Agents present at the voting stations and counting venue are appointed by each political party and Independent Candidates participating in an Election to ensure transparency in an Election.

Who is a Party Agent?

An agent is a representative of a political party or independent candidate appointed to be present at a voting station to monitor the proceedings on behalf of the party and an independent candidate. This is achieved by observing the voting and counting processes.

Roles of Party Agents

Party agents play crucial roles in ensuring the integrity, transparency, and fairness of elections.

  1. Observe the voting process on behalf of their parties and candidates at voting stations.
  2. Append their signatures on ballot boxes and results slips.
  3. Raise objections to any alleged irregularities relating to voting, verifications, sorting, and counting procedures.
  4. Accompany and observe the casting of special votes during home visits and at the voting station.

How to View IEC NPE Election Results Live

Stay informed with the latest update on the percentage of votes counted per province in the 2024 IEC election results in South Africa. Here are the latest updates on the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) South Africa Election Results.

  1. Go to the IEC Website
  2. Navigate to the Election Results Dashboard
  3. Tap on View Live Results
  4. Access NPE Results Dashboard

Find all the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) election results for National and Provincial Elections, Municipal Elections, and Municipal By-Elections in our comprehensive dashboard.

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