IEBC Public Presidential Results Portal

IEBC Public Presidential Results Portal

The Kenya general election presidential results are streaming live now via the IEBC Public Portal. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) opened a public portal website for Kenyans across the country to monitor presidential results online.

Results Transmission Phase of Kenya Presidential General Election

The results transmission has started as you can see on one of the screens. The transmitted form 34As are available on IEBC public portal website.

  1. The Commission has three tallying centers at the Constituency. County and the National, which is at Bomas.
  2. Constituency Tallying Center: Tallying of results from polling stations and declaration of Member of National Assembly and Member of County Assembly: collation of Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, and County Woman Member of Parliament.
  3. County Tallying Centre: Final tallying and declaration of Gubernatorial. Senatorial and County Woman Member of Parliament.
  4. National Tallying Centre: Verification of a transmitted image of results Form 34As against original Form 34As.
  5. Verification of constituencies Form 34Bs against their respective original Form 344s, collation of Form 34C, confirmation of Constitutional threshold of 50 percent plus one vote and 25 percent of majority counties, declaration of Presidential result, and lance of certificate to the President-elect.

Latest Status Update on IEBC General Election Results Form 34As and 34Bs

IEBC Public Live Presidential Results Portal


At the National Tallying Centre, there are 3 screens

Screen 1: To project the number of Form 34As received from polling stations

Screen 2: To project collated results received from the constituencies.

Screen 3: To project the county aggregates

IEBC Results Transmission System (RTS)

  • In transmitting the result, the Results Transmission System only sends once the A series results form which has a QR code.
  • Persons authorized to be at the polling station including media, observers, and polling station agents are allowed to take an image of the original Form 344.
  • Results announced at the polling station are final.
  • The National Tallying Centre has five workstations for the verification of results from the Returning Officers in the presence of presidential Chief Agents.
  • Once verification is complete. The Constituency Resuming Officer will present the results to the Presidential Returning Officer for the announcement.

How to Check and Verify IEBC Polling Station


The law requires the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of Kenya to undertake verification of the Presidential election results and declare the President-elect within seven (7) days.

The Commission endeavors to conclude this exercise at the earliest possible and calls for patience as it undertakes this rigorous mandate.

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