How to Renew NMCZ Practicing Certificate in Zambia

How to Renew NMCZ Practicing Certificate in Zambia

The Nurses and Midwives Council of Zambia (NMCZ) has outlined these guidelines to all Nursing and Midwifery practitioners on how to renew their Practicing Certificate under the General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNCZ).

NMCZ Renewal of Practicing Certificate

In line with section 24 (1) of the Nurses and Midwives Act No. 10 of 2019 (the “Act”), all Practitioners are required to renew their NMCZ Practicing Certificate for the year 2023 before this deadline.

Applications received after the deadline will attract a penalty fee of K500.00 in addition to the subscription fee due. Practitioners must therefore adhere to the following:

  1. Renewal forms should be accompanied by a bank deposit slip for practitioners paying through the bank. No cash payments will be accepted.
  2. Submit a duly completed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) logbook indicating any CPD training undertaken during the year 2022.
  3. Applicable annual practicing certificate fees are as follows:




Annual Subscription

01Certificate in Nursing or Midwifery or DEM


02Diploma in Nursing or Midwifery


03Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Midwifery


04Master of Science in Nursing or Midwifery


05Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing or Midwifery



Unemployed in any category



  1. The term ‘unemployed’ refers to a Practitioner who is not employed in any capacity whether in the public or private sector but does not refer to a Volunteer.
  2. Practicing Certificate renewal is being conducted at both our Lusaka and Kitwe offices every Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 except for public holidays falling during the working week.
  3. To avoid congestion, Practitioners are encouraged to make use of the NMCZ Online Services Portal which is accessible via and will enable them to renew their practicing certificates without visiting any of our offices

How to Make Payment for GNCZ License Renewal

Payments should be made using the following platforms:

Account Name

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council of Zambia


  • National Savings and Credit Bank


  • Lusaka Business Centre, North-end Branch

Account Number

  • 2080139044301

Other Modes of Payment

Airtel Mobile Money

  • Merchant Code-GNCZ

ZANACO Bill Muster

Deadline for Renewal of Practicing Certificate

Practitioners are required to renew their Practicing Certificate for the year 2023 no later than 31st December 2022.

In Summary

Note that in line with Section 28 of the Act a practitioner who does not intend to, or is unable to practice for a specified period, may apply to the Registrar to maintain the name of that practitioner on the applicable register, in a non-practicing category for a specified period. In such an instance, the practitioner will not be required to pay for or renew their practicing certificate until such a time that they are ready to practice.

Besides, per Section 23 of the Act, practicing as a nurse or midwife without a valid practicing certificate carries a penalty upon conviction of a fine not exceeding nine hundred thousand penalty units (K270,000.00) or imprisonment for a period not exceeding nine (9) years, or to both.

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