How to Register NIA Ghana Card At Home

How to Register NIA Ghana Card At Home

Find out how you can access the National Identification Authority – NIA Ghana card online registration portal and register (household) at home. The registration process aims at printing every applicant’s Ghana Card instantly.

However, if applicants’ Ghana Cards cannot be printed instantly, arrangements will be made with the Contact Person to have the said cards printed and issued to applicants at a later date. The details of applicants whose cards are not printed instantly will be shared with the Contact Person and followed up through a Client Service portal.

At the end of the registration exercise, the Contact Person will be required to complete the NIA Customer Satisfaction Survey Form to evaluate the registration exercise in general.

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  1. The Household Registration and Card Issuance Exercise are limited to households with a minimum of five (5) Ghanaian applicants.
  2. The exercise is limited to Ghanaians aged 15 years and above only.

Pre-registration activities

NIA shall conduct a Site Survey at your designated property before it sets up a registration center for the exercise. The Survey will ensure a successful and efficient registration exercise as follows:

  1. Signal – to ensure that the strength of the network signals at the designated premises or alternative location is strong and stable to avoid an interrupted registration process.
  2. Environment/Space – to ensure that the space allocated and logistics provided by the household for the registration exercise are conducive to work in.
  3. Location – to confirm directions provided by the Contact Person to enable the registration team to locate the designated property easily on the day of service provision.
  4. Confirmation of List of Applicants – – to confirm the list of applicants forwarded by the contact person for the household to NIA.


  1. You will be required to pay in advance:
  2. 00 for each member of your household you intend for NIA to register pursuant to the Fees and Charges (Miscellaneous Provisions) Instrument, 2019.
  3. A logistics fee for site survey and movement of NIA equipment and personnel to your designated premises pursuant to the Fees and Charges (Miscellaneous Provisions) Instrument, 2019.

NIA Ghana Card new cost of registration fees

Requirements for registration

1. Applicants are required to download and fill out the Registration Application Form (Household) and submit it to the NIA Head Office or via [email protected] The Form can be found on the NIA website (

2. Compulsory requirements:

  • The applicant’s Birth Certificate or valid Passport or
  • One of the applicant’s relatives who possess a Ghana Card to vouch for the applicant or
  • Two non-relatives who know the applicant to be a Ghanaian and who possess Ghana Cards to vouch for the applicant; and
  • The Ghana Post Digital Address of the applicant’s residence.

3. For the vouching for process, the following categories of persons are the only ones mandated to vouch for an applicant where the applicant has no known relatives who possess a Ghana Card:

  1. A practicing or retired professional teacher (including principals, headmasters & headteachers)
  2. A Gazetted Chief
  3. Practicing or retired Magistrate or Judge
  4. A practicing or retired licensed Professional e.g. doctor, nurse, lawyer, accountant, engineer, architect, etc.
  5. A serving or retired civil/public servant
  6. A serving or retired Clergyman
  7. An Imam
  8. A serving or retired Catechist
  9. A serving or retired member of the security services including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Prison Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, BNI, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service of the Ghana Revenue Service and National Security
  10. A current or past Member of Parliament, An Assembly or Unit Committee

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4. Applicants are also required to bring along the following Government-issued identity cards or documents if they possess any of them:

  1. Driver’s Licence
  2. Voter ID Card
  3. SSNIT Biometric Card
  4. National Health Insurance Card
  5. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Download the Ghana card Registration Application Form for Household Registration and Register at Home.


After downloading and filling this form, submit it at the NIA Head Office or via email to [email protected]


You require Adobe Reader to be able to read the downloaded file.
Follow the link below to download: