How to Link Your MTN SIM with Your NIN Number

How to Link Your MTN SIM with Your NIN Number

Did you know your active lines will be barred if you don’t link your MTN SIM with your NIN number? Also, did you know that you can unblock your MTN line yourself? Here are easy steps you can take.

5 Easy Ways to Link Your NIN and Reconnect Your MTN Line in Nigeria

  • Chat with Zigi on +234 903 300 0001
  • Dial *996*NIN#
  • Download myMTN NG App
  • Visit NIN MTN Information Portal
  • Text the NIN number to 996

How to Link Your MTN SIM with NIN Yourself

Link your NIN to your MTN line today to avoid being disconnected. Here’s what to do;

  1. Visit to get started
  2. Check your NIN status
  3. Enter your correct SIM Reg details
  4. Capture your selfie

Link NIN and update your SIM records with a selfie in one easy step.

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How to Unblock Your MTN SIM

Has your MTN SIM been barred? Here’s an easy step to unblock your MTN line yourself. Visit an MTN office to link your NIN and unbar your line. If you don’t have NIN, visit an NIMC office to get it now.

  1. Go to
  2. Check NIN status and proceed if not linked
  3. Enter OTP (NB: OTP will be sent to your email and mobile number. If unable to receive OTP, please visit any nearby MTN store to unblock your line.)
  4. Enter NIN
  5. Give consent and submit NIN linking request

Unlink Your NIN with Unregister MTN SIM Number

To unlink your NIN link with an unregistered MTN SIM number, visit the closest office with your NIN to unlink the phone numbers from your line. Check the address of the MTN office close to you.

Dial *123*7#, select option 1 and input your State and Local government as requested to get the nearest MTN shop in and around your location.

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