How to Check UFS Application Status Online

How to Check UFS Application Status Online

Find out how to check your online admission application status at the University of Free State (UFS). Applicants who have applied to study at UFS should visit the portal regularly to know their admission status.

Easy Ways to Check UFS Online Application Status

Here’s a simple to track if you have been accepted to study at UFS. To check University of Free State application status online on the UFS system, here’s the step to follow;

  1. Visit the UFS website
  2. Tap the ‘Students’ tab to navigate to KovsieLife
  3. Select the ‘Student Self Service’ tab on the active KovsieLife webpage
  4. Tap on External User
  5. URL will navigate to the Oracle PeopleSoft system
  6. Check Application Status Online Now
  7. Enter your Student Number and Password
  8. Tap on the ‘Sign In’ button

NB: Once you have successfully logged in on UFS Oracle PeopleSoft, the system will navigate you to ‘Student Services Center’.

  1. Tap ‘View Application’ to track your application(s) status.

Congratulations!!! Application statuses of all application(s) made. Find the meaning of each code on the UFS Online Application Status Portal below.

UFS Online Status Code Explained

Here is the meaning of each code that appears when checking your UFS application status. Execute the recommended action, if any:

UFS Status Action Code

Programme Action Description

Programme Action Explanation

ADMTAdmittedApplication assessed and a study offer issued to the student to be admitted to an academic programme
APPLApplicationApplication received and still to be assessed according to the admission requirements
CONDConditional admissionApplication assessed and applicant accepted into the programme on the condition that they maintain or improve these results to meet the minimum requirements, subject to space availability
DDEFDeferred decisionApplication assessed and deferred for a decision regarding admit or deny
DDEF/EXTEExternal academic record exists
DDEF/INTEInternal academic record exists
DDEF/NRESNo results – applicants with Grade 12 who have rejected/failed to upload their school results
DDEF/NODONo qualification documents – applicants with postschool qualifications who have rejected/failed to upload their academic records
DEINStudy offer acceptedApplication assessed and student accepted the study offer
DENYAdmission deniedApplication assessed and based on the results received, the the applicant does not meet the requirements to be admitted to the specific academic programme
MATRPrepared for registrationApplicant to be term activated for enrolment(registration)
RECNReconsiderApplication assessed, and based on the current results, the applicant does not qualify. Application to be re-assessed when improved results are provided (i.e. Grade12 mid-year, re-write (upon receipt of the updated results) or final Grade 12)
WADMAdministrative withdrawalAn academic programme has been withdrawn from consideration for admission or from enrolment in a class. This could be due to multiple reasons:

  • Duplicate application
  • Data captured incorrectly
  • The programme has reached its capacity (full)
  • The student did not enrol for the relevant year of admission
  • The student has changed a programme choice
  • The student is no longer eligible to enrol due to not meeting the university’s progression rules
WAITWaitlistApplication assessed an admission offer pending availability of space
WAPPApplicant withdrawalThe applicant withdrew from consideration for admission or enrolment in a class

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