How to Check My Payslip Online

How to Check My Payslip Online

In Ghana, all government workers are requested to create an account with the CAGD via the gogpayslip or login E-Payslip Portal to enable them to access, validate, check, download, and print payslip online at the end of every month.

How to Access My Payslip Online

To check my payslip online, here are the steps to follow

  1. My Payslip Online can be accessed via the URL:
  2. Tap Continue
  3. Enter your Employment Number/Staff ID as Username and Password
  4. A security code will be displayed, retype in the space provided
  5. Tap Login Button

How to Register and Access My E Payslip Online

To register for an online payslip, applicants must explore the Controller & Accountant General’s Departments’ E-Payslip website and find out how to register. This intelligent system is designed for you to have easy access to your e payslip. You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with an internet connection.

If you are a new user, kindly check the requirements. You will need a first-time registration code, which can be obtained from your Head of Department. follow the instructions thereafter to login for your E-Payslip Registration.

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How to Check, Download, and Print My E-Payslip Online

To login to epayslip mypayslip page, you first have to create an account with Controller and Accountant General’s Departments (CAGD).

Here are the steps below to check, download, and print my epayslip for this month.

  1. Login here
  2. Tap Continue
  3. Sign in with your Employee Number and Password
  4. Tap on My Payslip
  5. Select the Month you want to view and download
  6. Click on Generate
  7. Navigate down and Tap on Print or save it as a PDF

Controller and Accountant General’s Departments (CAGD) Website

  • URL:

For further inquiries, find CAGD contact and log a complaint.