How to Check BEC PSLE Results

How to Check BEC PSLE Results

Explore the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) website via and learn more on how to check Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) results online or via SMS.

About Botswana Examinations Council (BEC)

Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) is responsible for conducting school examinations and any other examinations on behave of the Ministry of Education and Skills Development and issuing certificates after the final results are released.

The Council currently runs the following Internal Examinations:

  • Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).
  • Junior Certificate Examination (JCE).
  • Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE).

Ways to Access your PSLE Results

There are many ways to get the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Once it’s published candidates/parents can collect the results in the following ways.

  • All centres will receive copies of results delivered at the sub-regional and regional offices through Express Mail Service (EMS). Regional offices will access the results through Malapa System as well as through CDs which will be delivered through EMS.
  • Visit your former School
  • Candidates can access their PSLE results through the USSD (SMS technology) Code.
  • Online via Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) Website here.

Botswana School Calendar Dates

Check PLSE Result via SMS

To access results through SMS, please do the following:

  1. Send an SMS with your: level, centre number, candidate number, candidate surname
  2. Include a space between the word “PSLE” and your Centre Number, a space between the Centre Number and Candidate Number and also add a space between the Candidate Number and Candidate Surname.
  3. The Center Number must be 6 characters long and the Student Number must be 4 numeric characters long. The surname is not case-sensitive.

For example:

If your Centre Number is 0002 and your Student Number is 1 type:

PSLE PS0002 0001 Surname Send your correctly formatted request to 16688

How to Get Started

To check your Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results via mobile. Follow the instructions below to send an SMS.

The candidate must enter the following parameters in the stipulated sequence.

  1. Go to Compose New Message
  2. Input your: Level Centre Number, Candidate Number, and Candidate Surname (include a space between the parameter values)
  3. Send your Message to 16688
  4. You will receive your results via SMS

Important: Do not send CALL BACKS or reply to this SMS as you will not get any response.


  • The Centre number should be 6 characters ie PS followed by the four numeric characters.
  • The candidate number should be four numeric characters.
  • The surname is not cASE
  • After sending your enquiry please allow a few minutes to receive a response. The Response may be delayed due to congested lines.
  • Access to results through the SMS platform is valid for 7 days from the official publishing date.

The Meaning of “X” and “U” symbols (SMS and Website)

  1. U denotes that a candidate failed to meet the minimum requirements for grade E
  2. X denotes that a candidate failed to meet the requirements for the award of the syllabus or the qualification

How to Access the PSLE Results Online

To check PSLE results through the BEC Website (, do the following:

  1. Discover the BEC Website via
  2. Tap on the “Results” tab on the navigator bar

(The navigator bar is the bar that starts with the “home” tab, and also has the “About BEC” tab, “Qualifications” tab, and other tabs”)

  1. Tap “My Results” on the gold navigation bar that pops up
  2. Select the Examination (in this case select PSLE)
  3. Input the year of completion
  4. Enter your school’s Centre Number. The centre number should be 6 characters beginning with the letters “PS” and the “PS” must be in capital letters. (For example, if your school’s centre number is 0002, type PS0002, if your school’s centre number is 0010, type PS0010.)
  5. Input your Candidate Number. The System accepts a candidate number with leading zeros and without leading zeros. (For example, if your candidate number is 0001 you may type 0001 or 001 or 01 or 1 and the system will accept any of them.)
  6. Type in your Surname. The Surname is not case-sensitive.
  7. Tap the “Show Results”

This should display your results indicating the Exam cycle, Year, Centre Number, Subjects and Overall Grade.

In Summary

  • The data entry formats for the Website and the SMS are different
  • Ensure that both your school’s centre number and Candidate number are correct
  • Candidates should ensure that their entire subjects are included in the response
  • Only the subjects they have been assessed on are included in the response
  • Results can be queried within 6 weeks of their release

BEC PSLE Results Contact Details

For further information please contact the BEC toll-free number 0800 601025.