How to Check and Confirm KNEC, KCSE, KCPE and KPSEA Grade Registration Status

How to Check and Confirm KNEC, KCSE, KCPE and KPSEA Grade Registration Status

The Kenya National Examinations Council Grade 6 Registration is online via the KNEC CBA Portal. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how grade 6 learners can check and confirm KPSEA, KCSE and KCPE registration details and status.

KNEC Grade 6 Online Registration

Following the KNEC first assessment of Grade six (6) students under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) and before joining Junior Secondary School (JSS).

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has officially set up an SMS platform that teachers, parents, and candidates can use to confirm grade 6 registration details online for both the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCSE).

This will enables candidates, parents, and school administrators to check and confirm that the registration details are accurate.

The exercise is expected to verify all students are supposed to sit the national exams.

How to Confirm Registration via KNEC CBA Portal

Upon registration of a learner, a parent will be required to access the CBA portal through the KNEC website to view and confirm registration details.

  1. Access the KNEC CBA Parent Portal
  2. Select a Grade or Level
  3. Enter a Valid Assessment Number for the learner
  4. Click on the Find button

Should a parent make an error in the registration process, the government has made it possible to amend the process by following a guide here.

How to Check and Confirm Your Grade 6 Registration on Phone

To verify, parents and school administrators are required to send an SMS to KNEC shortcode with the candidate’s index number. Here’re the simple steps to confirm you registered for KCSE.

  1. Open a new message chat on your phone
  2. Send an SMS to 20076
  3. SMS format: Exam Type + Index Number (e.g KCPE36611030002)

NB: Headteachers, parents, and candidates can now confirm the  Grade 6 registration details for KPSEA, KCPE, and KCSE examinations by sending an SMS to 20076. Use this format; (Exam)(Index Number), for example; KCPE36611030002, and send to 20076. You will receive a confirmation message to this effect.

Confirmation of registration details is a vital process as it enables candidates to ensure that the details given are accurate to mitigate problems such as sitting for subjects one did not wish to undertake among others.

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