How to Buy NTC e-voucher online

How to Buy NTC e-voucher online

Discover how to buy an e-voucher form online for your NTC and GTLE registration using mobile money (MoMo) by using their newly introduced shortcode. Here are the NTC – Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) fee payment procedures.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has now introduced a GTLE shortcode for all candidates to purchase the registration voucher via mobile money (MoMo).

GTLE Registration Form Fees

NTC payment can be made at any branch of Prudential Bank Ltd nationwide or mobile money payment through the GTLE short code across all networks. 
  • Fresh candidates are to pay (GH¢ 450.00) as registration fees.
  • Students who have a Re-sit are to pay (GH¢ 150.00) for one (1) Re-sit paper.
  • Candidates who have two (2) Re-sit papers are to pay (GH¢ 210.00).
  • Candidates Re-sitting for all three (3) papers are to pay (GH¢ 385.00)

NB: Where payment is made at the bank, candidates must remember to take their PIN and Serial Number from the bank.

Do You Know

E-Levy Chart and Charges on Mobile Money (MoMo) in Ghana

How to Buy NTC Registration e-Voucher Online

  • Payment can be made through the shortcode *772*51#
  • Choose from the pop-up (new/resit candidate)
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Your PIN and serial Number will be sent via SMS
  • Log onto the GTLE portal
  • Enter your e-voucher Serial number and Pin
  • Fill in all the fields and remember to upload your passport-size photograph
    NB: NTC will not accept any request for a change of photograph after the examination
  • Review the information provided and submit
  • Print summary of the inputs made

How to Buy NTC Registration e-Voucher Form Using Mobile Money (MoMo)

Here are the NTC – Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) fee payment procedures.

  1. Dial NTC Shortcode *772*51#
  2. Choose from the pop-up (Fresh candidates/Re-sit fee)
  3. Enter your Full Name
  4. Select payment source (Mobile Wallet)
  5. Check your exam registration fee
  6. Press 1 to confirm
  7. Confirm payment on your phone
  8. Your PIN and Serial Number will be sent via SMS

Have You Access

NTC Confirmation Status Portal

Candidates should keep their PIN and SERIAL NUMBER secure after registration for the licensure examination for further use after the examination.

How to Register for the NTC Licensure Examination

Use the indexing number to register for the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination. A prospective candidate should make payment only when his/her details have been uploaded onto the NTC indexing portal by their training institutions.

Contact GTLE

For issues regarding the purchase of GTLE vouchers online using mobile money (M0M0), please contact;





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