Graphics Design Courses

Graphics Design Courses

Explore the list of Courses/Programmes you can offer to be an effective graphic designer and the recommended number of schools and skills you can apply to for graphics design courses.

Graphics Designer Course

The Graphics Design Department undertakes some of the following courses and applies certain principles of design through thinking, problem-solving, and practicality,

Course Learning Outcome

  • To develop problem-solving skills in the graphic design phases
  • Develop typographic skills and creative strategies for print publications, packaging, and illustration
  • Project management skills including effective communication with clients, co-workers, and target audiences

Eligibility Requirement

  • The candidate should have basic knowledge of basic IT skills. Learners with knowledge of visual arts will be at a greater advantage.
  • In a good medical/psychological condition to succeed in the program

Courses/Programmes Content

  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Image and Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Practical Design Application 1
  • Advertising
  • Photography and Videography
  • Introduction to Motion Graphics

Job Opportunities

The Graphic Design Certificate prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities, which include;

  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Photo Editor Photoshop Artist
  • Video & Film Editor
  • Product Designer
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Animation/Animator
  • Art Director
  • Brand Identity Designer

Tools and Technologies Used


 Photoshop is a graphic editor that is best used for image editing. It is the industry standard for manipulating photos and computer art. Photoshop offers 2D and 3D image manipulation, compositing, video editing, and image analysis.


The sketch is a vector-based tool available on Mac and focuses on web, app, and interface design. This is a great program for designing icons, ad banners, social media images, and presentation materials. It also has many UI and UX-related usages, such as icon design, prototyping, and creating user flows.


With Illustrator, you can create everything from vector illustrations and logos to graphics and fonts. While Illustrator shares many similar tools and functions with Photoshop, it is centered on vector design, which means that you can resize and rescale designs without losing image clarity.


InDesign is a page layout program and an essential tool for Designers working in publishing. This software can be used for laying out magazines and newspapers or putting together reports and brochures. With InDesign, Designers can effectively organize text, create layout formats, insert image placeholders, and save files in a print-ready format.

After Effects

After Effects is a motion graphics and visual effects software that is ideal for Graphic Designers who incorporate motion into their work. With After Effects, designers can create animations, movie titles, transitions, or even design in a 3D space.

List of Graphics Design Schools in Ghana

  • Accra International School Advertising and Design (AISAD)
  • Accra Film School
  • Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design
  • Radford University College
  • IPMC College of Technology
  • Rioh’s Originate
  • Bluecrest College
  • DLI College Accra
  • Elite College
  • Intaleks School of Design
  • Hanscia Graphics
  • Faculty of Arts University of Ghana, UG
  • Deseret School of Design
  • Royal Media College Ghana
  • M and J Institute, Accra
  • Kodabs Institute
  • Initiative Technologies
  • Ambassadors (University) College
  • Netbase ICT
  • Hope Life School of Languages
  • GH Schools