GNFS recruitment invites successful applicants for audition and selection

GNFS recruitment invites successful applicants for audition and selection

Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) wishes to inform all applicants who took part in the 2021 Fire Service recruitment exercise that it will start Inviting Only Successful Applicants who applied as Drivers and/Mechanics; Bandsmen; and Sportsmen.

Auditioning and Selection of Successful Drivers and/Mechanics; Bandsmen; and Sportsmen

The GNFS began to call all successful applicants who applied to fill the following vacancies for auditioning from Wednesday 15th December 2021 at designated venues at 0700 hours prompt till the recruitment exercise is over tentatively Tuesday 21st December 2021:

  1. Bandsmen (Regimental & Dance band);
  2. Sportsmen

(Athletics, Handball, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Hockey);

  1. Drivers and /Mechanics.

The auditioning (justify your inclusion) exercise will take place at the following venues:

  1. Regional Headquarters, near Korle Bu Teaching Hospital – Accra; Only Invited Bandsmen are to report in batches at 0700 hours each day for their auditioning.
  2. Drivers and / Mechanics are to report at Fire Academy and Training School (FATS), James Town at 0700 hours for their auditioning.
  3. Sportsmen (Athletics, Handball, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, and Table Tennis) are to report at 0700 hours at Accra College of Education, Madina near UPSA for their auditioning.


ONLY the invited applicants who have been contacted on phone are expected at the various auditioning centers. Thus, all applicants in the above-mentioned categories who have not been called, have no business at the auditioning venues.


Follow-up calls are also going to be made to ensure no qualified applicant in the aforementioned categories misses out in the impending justify your inclusion exercise.

Remember, ONLY QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are being called to report at the various auditioning centers to justify their inclusion.

ONLY SUCCESSFUL Bandsmen, Drivers and / Mechanics and Sportsmen shall be contacted after the auditioning.

We wish all unsuccessful applicants the best of luck next time.

Contact details

For further information and clarification contact the Public Relations Department on: