GH Self SIM Card Registration App

GH Self SIM Card Registration App

GH Self SIM Card Registration (Reg) App is a mobile application designed to allow subscribers on Ghana mobile networks (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo, and Glo) to complete their SIM Card Registration using their Ghana Card ID.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to complete your GH SIM  Self Card registration (Reg) with Ghana Card using the self-service App.

  1. Make sure you have completed Stage 1 (*404#) of the SIM Card Registration process before using the App
  2. The following details are required
  • Smartphone/device
  • Internet
  • Email Address
  • Ghana Card
  • Unique Code (from stage 1)
  • Mobile Money Account
  • Ghana Digital Address
  1. The app is currently only on the Google Play Store
  2. The Mobile Money Number to be used for payment doesn’t have to be necessarily the same number used for the registration.
  3. The App currently accepts Ghana Card only

Register Your SIM Card with GH Self SIM Registration App

  1. Download GH Self SIM Reg App APK via Google Play Store
  2. Create an Account with your details
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  1. Tap on Continue to proceed
  2. Enter your Email Address and confirm your details
  3. Create a:
  • Password
  • PIN (4 digits) to protect your account and authorize transactions
  1. Tap on Continue to proceed
  2. Login and provide the following details:
  • Identification type
  • Network provider
  • Number to register
  • Unique code
  • Number to make payment
  1. Confirm disclaimer
  2. Tap on the Next button
  3. Wait for your unique code validation
  4. Proceed to make payment when the pop-up screen with the payment method appears
  5. Select payment option
  6. Enter your payment option PIN
  7. Tap on OK
  8. Proceed to Confirm Payment
  9. Tap on Get Started

NB: This will require you to take pictures of the front and back of your Ghana Card

  1. Make sure your card fits in the frame for capture
  2. Confirm your details
  3. Tap Next to proceed
  4. Tap on Start Liveness to capture your face
  5. Make sure your face is in the frame for capture
  6. Tap on Finish to proceed to the next step
  7. Tap on Perform Scan to capture both your left and right four fingers
  8. Make sure your fingers fits in the frame
  9. Tap to proceed to the next step
  10. Enter your Digital Address and tap on Submit
  11. Tap on Proceed on the next pop-up screen to confirm your card number
  12. Another pop-up will appear to indicate a Successful registration

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