GES Releases Schools Selection Dates for BECE Candidates

GES Releases Schools Selection Dates for BECE Candidates

The management of Ghana Education Service (GES) has released dates and other schedules for this year’s school selection into Senior High Schools (SHS) for 2024 Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE) candidates.

Public Education and Sensitization on School Selection 2024

Management of Ghana Education Service (GES) wishes to inform the general public, particularly Parents, Candidates, and Teachers that the sensitization and education on this year’s guidelines for school selection into Senior High Schools (SHS) will commence on 18th August, 2024.

This exercise will take place in all the respective Regional, District Education Directorates and schools.

When will SHS Schools Selection begin for 2024 BECE Candidates?

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES), the 2024 SHS schools selection for 2024 BECE candidates will commence on 23rd August to 4th September, 2024.

Management further informs stakeholders that the selection of schools will be based on these categories of SHS schools in addition to these STEM SHS schools in Ghana. Learn more about Category A, B, C, and D Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana.

Parents and guardians are particularly advised to take a keen interest in the selection of school processes to ensure a smooth Placement this year. To get started, Download CSSPS School Selection and Placement Form PDF.

Again, there would be an opportunity for candidates to use this USSD short code to verify and confirm CSSPS choices before the actual Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) will be done. Details of the shortcode will be made available in due course.

In Conclusion

When the WAEC results are out, follow these steps to check your BECE results. Wait until your CSSPS placement is released via the CSSPS Portal. Note that, you will be required to buy a placement checker to enable you to log in to check your SHS school placement online.

The BECE School Selection dates for 2024 are from August 23 to September 4 as announced by GES.