GDE Admissions Portal

GDE Admissions Portal

Explore the Gauteng Department of Education – GDE Admissions Portal via Parents can now access the Parent Online Registration Portal and login with their credentials to submit an application.

Gauteng Department of Education – GDE Admissions Portal 2024/2025

The Gauteng Department of Education is mandated to provide compulsory primary education to all learners in the province progressively. GDE is committed to delivering functional and modern schools that enable quality teaching and learning, and that protect and promote the right of every learner to quality, equitable, and relevant education.

Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) provides equal placement opportunities for all learners in Gauteng province schools from Grade 1 to Grade 8.

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GDE Admission Requirements and Documents

GDE Grade 1 and 8 Online Admission Application

Gauteng Feeder Zones Schools

GDE Admissions Application Status

GDE Online Application

How to Apply at GDE

Here’s a simple way to apply. Let’s get started via the GDE Admissions Portal

  1. Explore
  2. Tap on Register on the navigation tab
  3. Read and Understand the GDE content disclaimer
  4. Tick the box and tap the continue button

Let us guide you through these 6 steps to complete and submit GDE Online Admission Form. Keep the username and password, this will be used to login to your profile and check the progress of your application status.

You may go to any school, or District Office in your area to be assisted in making an application online. Some community or church halls in the community will also be used as Admissions Centres to help parents make applications

6 Simple Steps to Apply for GDE Admission

Here’s a simple (but complete) guide on how to process your GDE online applications:

  1. Access the GDE Online Application Portal
  2. Provide your Personal Details
  3. Enter your (Parent) Address Details
  4. Input Learner Details
  5. Apply to a School
  6. Upload / Submit Documents

When your application is complete, you will receive an SMS with a reference number and a Thank You message. The same will be displayed on the System and stored on your profile. Save this reference number for later use.

NB: Parents need to select their preferred language of teaching and additional languages when making an application. As far as possible, GDE placement is offered in Grade 8 at schools that offer the Language of Teaching that the child was taught in Grade 7, where space is available.

GDE Parent Registration

To log in as a parent and access your account, update your profile, or check the progress of the application status, let go:

  1. Use this Portal
  2. Enter ID/Passport and Password
  3. Tap the Sign in button

GDE Admission Password Setting Credentials

Make sure that your password contains all the following characters:

  • 1 lowercase alphabetical character
  • 1 upper case alphabetical character
  • 1 numeric character
  • 1 special character
  • 8 or more characters
  • Enter the same password in Confirm Password OR Select Forget Password and create a new password.

Document Required for GDE Online Application

Certified copies of the following documents must be submitted within 7 days of making an application:

South African Citizens:

  • Childbirth certificate
  • Parent/Guardian ID or Passport
  • Valid Proof of Home/ Parent Work address
  • Child Clinic card for Grade1 application
  • Grade 7 report card for Grade 8 applications
  • Proof of guardianship if a guardian

Non-South African Citizens:

  • Passport OR
  • Permanent Residence Permit OR
  • Asylum Seeker Permit OR
  • Refugee Permit OR
  • Study Permit OR
  • Parent Work Permit
  • Valid Proof of Home/Work address
  • Child Clinic card/proof of immunization for Grade1 application
  • Grade 7 report card for Grade 8 application
  • Proof of guardianship if a guardian


  • Applicants may upload certified copies of required Documents ONLINE to one of the schools that they applied to All other schools that you applied to will be able to view (see) the documents
  • If documents are submitted in hard copy, applicants must go to all the schools they applied to submit certified copies of the required Documents
  • Ensure that you scan each document individually / separately from other documents which must be in the following format: 2MB, jpg or pdf or png

How to Apply for Boarding Facility (Hostel) at GDE

  • Contact the boarding school directly to apply for accommodation in the school’s boarding facilities
  • The boarding schools apply specific criteria to admit learners to their boarding facilities
  • If the child is accepted in the boarding facility, the parent must apply to the school on the GDE Admissions Online System to be accommodated in the school

How do I apply to a School of Specialization?

The Schools of Specialization are available on the System for parents to apply from anywhere in the Province

  • Select the application option Schools of Specialization to apply.
  • Note that your child will be required to complete an Admissions Test or Audition. Only learners who pass the test will be accepted at the school.

What is an acceptable proof of residence if a parent does not have a municipal account or lease agreement?

  • Municipal Account / Invoice, such as water, electricity, or rates invoice in the Name and Surname of a parent with whom the child lives (less than 3 months old)
  • A lease agreement is signed by both the landlord/landlady and the occupant and reflects that lease period which includes occupation at the time of making the application. Lease agreements must reflect the name of the applicant as a tenant. Lease agreements must be accompanied by the municipal account of the landlord.
  • An academic report is only required if you apply to Grade 8. Obtain the child’s most recent academic report from the school where the child is currently in Grade 7. This is required to verify the grade that the child has last passed
  • Your proof of residence (home address) is most important as it is used to determine which school feeder zone covers your home address

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Contact GDE

If you have not received an offer of placement, kindly contact your District Office or call 0800 000 789

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