Gauteng Feeder Zones Schools

Gauteng Feeder Zones Schools

A School Feeder Zone is a demarcated residential area and geographical location from which a school admits learners in Gauteng (GDE). Find schools within the GDE Feeder Zones and their home address, applicants are advised to apply to schools using Home Addresses within the School Feeder Zone. All schools with Feeder Zones that cover your home address will appear. Check GDE admission criteria for Feeder Zones.

GDE Admission Requirements and Documents

GDE Grade 1 and 8 Online Admission Application

GDE Admissions Application Status

GDE Online Application

Proof of Home Address

  • Proof of Home Address is the most important document when applying.
  • Placement is confirmed on whether the school could verify the details of the Proof of Home Address.
  • Proof of Home Address that applicants upload or submit should have details that match those entered by applicants on the System.
  • Parents are urged to submit additional information relating to proof of address as requested by schools.

Accepted Documents as Proof of Home Address

The following documents are accepted as Proof of Home Address:


  1. Municipal account not older than 3 months in the name of the applicant parent bearing the full residential address


  1. Municipal account not older than 3 months in the name of the landlord (homeowner) bearing the full physical residential address.
  2. Certified copies of the following documents:
  • Landlord’s ID
  • Lease agreement signed by landlord and tenant, not older than 3 months bearing the full physical residential address.
  • Rental Payment slip with full physical residential address not older than 3 months.
  • Statement of any account in the name of the applicant parent bearing the full physical residential address.

GDE Feeder Zone Schools

Discover Feeder Zone Schools within Ekurhuleni North, Ekurhuleni South, Gauteng East, Gauteng North, Gauteng West, Johannesburg Central, Johannesburg East, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, Johannesburg West, Sedibeng East, Sedibeng West, Tshwane North, Tshwane South, Tshwane West.

In Conclusion

Do not submit fraudulent Proof of Home Address as schools have systems to verify such documents.

Given the rate of fraudulent Proofs of Home Addresses submitted in the previous years of the Online Admissions Application, some schools resorted to visiting applicants in person to verify their addresses.

The GDE is in support of this action as it curbs the application of parents who seek to gain unfair entry into the system and schools, which defeats the purpose of the system being equitable for all parents.

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