Facebook Reels is the way for creators to make money

Facebook Reels is the way for creators to make money

Facebook is launching Reels in more than 150 countries for creators around the world to grow their communities. Launching Facebook Reels Globally and New Ways for Creators to Make Money.

  • To help creators earn money from Facebook Reels, we’re expanding tests of overlay ads, starting with banner and sticker ads.
  • New Facebook Reels features include Remix, sharing to Facebook Stories, and more.

“Today, we’re expanding the availability of Facebook Reels for iOS and Android to more than 150 countries across the globe. We’re also introducing better ways to help creators to earn money, new creative tools, and more places to watch and create Facebook Reels”.

Fastest Growing Content Format

Watching video is half of the time spent on Facebook and Instagram, and Reels is one of the fastest-growing content formats. Today, Reels is the best way for creators to get discovered, connect with their audience, and earn money. Besides, it is fun and easy for people to find and share relevant and entertaining content.

More Ways to Earn Money from Facebook Reels

Facebook is creating a variety of opportunities for creators to earn money for their reels. Reels Play bonus program as part of $1 billion creator investment, pays eligible creators up to $35,000 a month based on the views of their qualifying reels. These bonuses have helped creators fund their reels creation and better understand what types of content work on Facebook. In the coming months, Facebook is set to expand the bonus program to more countries, so more creators can get rewarded for creating reels that their communities love.

Facebook Reels Monetization

Building on our deep experience in helping creators earns meaningful income from our monetization products like in-stream ads and Stars.

Facebook is building direct monetization options for Facebook Reels through ad revenue share and fan support. Expanding tests of Facebook Reels Overlay Ads to all creators in more countries in the coming weeks.

“We’re starting with two formats: banner ads that appear as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Facebook Reel, and sticker ads: a static image ad that can be placed by a creator anywhere within their reel. These non-interruptive ads enable creators to earn a portion of the ad revenue”.