Explore GESPensions Portal

Explore GESPensions Portal

Access the gespensions.com.gh portal of the Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme (GESOPS Ghana) and login to create an account, follow steps on how to register, check contribution, and view statements. Besides, there is a Tier 2 pension scheme for employees of the Ghana education service (GES) as well SSNIT registration and benefits.

After a lifetime serving your country, you don’t have to wait long to claim your GESOPS Tier-2 benefits. That is why GESOPS pension benefits are paid promptly. Your contributions to GESOPS TIER-2 prepares you for a life of security and comfort after your working days are over.


Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme (GESOPS Ghana) is the fund manager of teacher’s tier-2 pension scheme, GESOPS is managed by a board of trustees with representation from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, the Attorney General’s Department, an independent trustee, and the various Teacher Unions. “Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme” (GESOPS) has created an online GES pensions Portal for teachers to register and create an account on the portal to manage their fund beneficiaries.

GES Pensions Portal

The GES pensions portal will give members of the scheme access to request statements of their contributions, add and remove beneficiaries. The purpose of the online GESOPS account is to enable prompt payment of benefits, members on the portal will be allowed to port their contributions out to other pension schemes. GESOPS is expecting all members to log on to the portal and create an account for their pension scheme.

There is no need to delay the payment of your GESOPS Tier 2 payment after serving your country diligently as a member of the Scheme. That is why GESOPS pays you the right amount at the right time.

How to Login GES Pensions Portal

  1. Visit https://gespensions.com.gh portal here
  2. Select Member login
  3. Do not have an account? Tap on Create one to register on the GESOPS portal
  4. Enter Staff ID and SSNIT Number (Now Register to merge your SSNIT and NIA Ghana Card numbers)
  5. Verify information provided
  6. Enter an Email address, create a password, and register.

Login here and get your SSNIT Portal ID

How to Create a GES Pensions Portal Account

  1. Login GESOPS Ghana Portal
  2. Select Scheme Type
  3. Enter Staff ID and SSNIT
  4. Select Employer (Ghana Education Service) and Scheme Name (GES Occupational Pension Scheme)
  5. Input your Date of Birth (YYY/MM/DD)
  6. Enter Phone Number
  7. Type in contributor’s name (surname and another name (s))
  8. Tap on Next

How to Register and be a SSNIT Contributor

How to check your GES pensions statement

Here are the steps to access your statement on the GES Pensions Portal

  1. Visit https://gespensions.com.gh portal
  2. Select Create one to register for the GESOPS Portal
  3. Enter Staff ID and SSNIT Number
  4. Verify the information provided
  5. Enter the email address, create a password
  6. Input your Staff ID and Password
  7. Tap on Check Statement. This will redirect you to Glico Portal.
  8. Login as a new user? Enter your Base Number/employer code
  9. Base Number can be accessed in your profile when you log onto the Portal (eg. GP000***)
  10. Enter a Default password “Pension”

How to access and check your SSNIT contribution statement

How to Access and View Beneficiaries on the GESOPS Portal

  1. Login as a Member here
  2. Select Create one to register/login to the GESOPS Portal
  3. Tap on Check Beneficiaries. This will redirect you to Glico Portal
  4. Select Generate Code (password prompt)
  5. Enter Code from SMS
  6. Click View Beneficiaries (Password Prompt)
  7. Add Beneficiaries (make sure the beneficiary list sums up to 100%)
  8. Add new Beneficiary process
  9. View added Beneficiary list
  10. Submit Beneficiary List

SSNIT pension benefits for contributors

Customer Service

As a member of the Scheme, you will receive up-to-date statements, superior customer service, and access to all your information from GESOPS.

GESOPS is crafted to fit your needs and circumstances. You can port your contributions when you change employers or withdraw your contribution when you become incapable of working or are permanently emigrating from Ghana.

Simple Application Process