Easy Ways to Register for GCB G-Money in Ghana

Easy Ways to Register for GCB G-Money in Ghana

In Ghana, GCB G-Money is the latest and the fastest mode of receiving and sending electronic money from your bank account to any registered mobile money account and vis visa. This service was introduced by Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) in partnership with other telecommunication networks in Ghana such as MTN Ghana, Vodafone, etc.

Why Register for G-Money?

This service has been helpful, especially amid COVID-19. Hence, customers no longer have to queue in a bank hall for transactions such as withdrawals or sending money to family and friends across the country. Besides, paying bills such as school fees, water, and electricity bills has become easy now with G-Money. Also, some employers now even pay their employees using G-Money.

Currently, the Ghana Statistical Service has requested that all their shortlisted census field officers in the 2021 Population and Housing Census register for G-Money.  Besides, when the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) Final List of Enumerators is out that’s the only agreed mode of payment. Hence, there is a need to get registered now. If you are ready, then I am ready.

What is the GCB G-Money Shortcode in Ghana?

Just like any other Shortcode, G-Money also has a shortcode. Simply dial *422# to have access to all G-Money services in Ghana.

G-Money Registration Requirements

  • A valid ID card; Voter’s ID, Ghana Card, NHIS, Driver’s license, passport.
  • A registered telephone number
  • Passport photo (can be taken at the registration center)

How to Register for G-Money in Ghana.

If you have ever registered for any mobile money service in Ghana, you can bear me out is as simple as you can think of. As far as you are a Ghanaian with a valid ID card and a registered SIM number you are eligible to register for the service.

Follow these Simple Steps to Register for G-Money in Ghana.

  • Visit any nearest Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) nationwide or a licensed G-Money agent
  • Inform the agent that you simply want to register for G-Money
  • Provide your detail and all required document to the agent
  • You then ought to Enter a secret PIN code to secure your G-Money wallet. (NB: this PIN will be used for any transactions on the G-Money service).
  • Congratulations you are now on GCB G-Money Ghana. Enjoy!!!

How to Send Money Using G-Money

  • Dial *422#
  • Select option 1 (Send Money)
  • Enter the recipient’s telephone number or beneficiary list.
  • Enter an amount to send
  • Input Comment
  • Confirm with option 1 to finalize the transaction.
  • Enter your PIN and Press Send.

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The GCB G -Money helps to transfer funds from GCB accounts, pay fees, and utilities and transfer money using mobile services regardless of the mobile network and without an internet connection.

With GCB G -Money, you’ll be able to send money 24/7, three hundred and sixty-five days a year to any G -Money wallet holder or non-wallet holder on G-Money at any time — and everyone on G-Money can withdraw or deposit cash at any ATM or G-Money Agent point nationwide.