Download Shaxi App

Download Shaxi App

Shaxi is a name derived from a Ghanaian dancehall artiste popularly known as Shatta Wale. The Shaxi App was founded by Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr. (Shatta Wale) in 2021, with the vision to create employment avenues and create a sustainable business focus for the Ghanaian youth.

In 2021, the Shaxi App was officially launched in Accra, Ghana. Shaxi is a local taxi ride system that offers a vehicle for ride, micromobility, and package delivery. This new commercial ride system was to reduce the unemployment rate among the youths in Ghana.

How to Download the Shaxi App

  1. URL Link: Download APK Shaxi App
  2. Create an Account
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Begin to Explore.

How Shaxi Works (Driver)

  1. Download Shaxi Drivers App: Download the Shaxi Drivers App from the App Store or Google play store for both Iphone and Android. Create a driver’s account by filling in your email address, mobile phone number and uploading all the necessary documents i.e. Drivers license, Vehicle insurance, Road Worthy Sticker, etc.

DVLA Licence and Cost of Vehicle (Car) Registration and Renewal in Ghana

  1. Approval Process: The documents uploaded will be reviewed and go through our stringent approval process. If there is an issue with any of the documentation provided, you will be contacted by the support team. Once all the documentation is intact, you would receive a notification of approval. This would mean you are ready to go live with your vehicle.
  2. Daily Subscription: To receive ride requests, you would need to pay a fee of GHS20. This amount would be deducted via mobile money. This payment is for 12 hours. Once the transaction is approved, the driver would receive a notification and would be successfully placed online to receive rides. Once expired, drivers would need to repeat the process to receive more rides.
  3. Drive to Pick Up: Once a drive request is received, the driver has to click on accept request. Once a request is accepted, the driver will receive a destination instruction and he can follow the prompts via Google Maps to drive to the location. Once the trip ends, the driver will click on end trip, he/she will receive a trip summary and costs and payment from the passenger.