Cyber Security Detects 7 Fake Social Media Accounts

Cyber Security Detects 7 Fake Social Media Accounts

The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) in Ghana detects fake social media accounts. Research conducted by the intelligence unit of the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) of Ghana on social media found online impersonation as a major threat in June 2022.

What is Online Impersonation

Impersonation online refers to the act of creating an online presence in someone else’s name.

Online Impersonation assumes a significant portion of fraudulent online activities. The “unrestricted” nature of social media account registration processes grants all users the ability to assume any identity. This has emboldened scammers who generally take on the profiles of known businesses as well as political and influential personalities in society for their criminal activities.

The CSA has made the following observations:

Impersonation targets include;

  • Ministers of State,
  • Members of Parliament,

Other persons of influence; and institutions like;

Companies like;

  • Dzata Cement
  • Awake Limited.

Activities related to this scam include;

  • Promotion of fraudulent investments,
  • Loan scams,
  • Gambling fraud,
  • Government agent scams (award of non-existing contracts, grants, and scholarships),
  • Fake recruitment offers,
  • Solicitation of funds, and online service fraud.

The public and especially social media users are advised to note that:

  1. Genuine Government officials will not contact anyone via social media to offer them jobs.
  2. It is important to verify before you accept friend requests and engage public figures and influential people; someone may have stolen their identity.

How to Contact Cybersecurity in Ghana

The CSA has a 24-hour Cybersecurity/Cybercrime Incident Reporting Points of Contact (POC) for reporting cybercrimes and for seeking clarification and guidance on online links and transactions.

Contact Details

Call or Text – 292,


Email: [email protected]