CSSPS School Placement Checker Portal

CSSPS School Placement Checker Portal

Explore the CSSPS School Placement Checker Portal here. Access the CSSPS Website via https://cssps.gov.gh/ to find out how to buy placement voucher online using a mobile phone or mobile money (MOMO).

Besides, here is all the step-by-step guide on how to do self placement and check school placement 2023.


The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is an automated merit-based placement Checker Portal that has replaced the laborious Manual System of Selection and Placement (MSSP) of qualified BECE candidates into the second cycle (Senior High Schools (SHS) and Technical/Vocational) institutions in Ghana.

BECE School Selection and Placement Guidelines List PDF

How to Buy CSSPS eVoucher using Mobile Phone

  1. Dial the shortcode *447*160#
  2. Move to the Next Page: Option 6 (Enter 00)
  3. Select Option 9CSSPS
  4. Select Option 1Placement Checker

NB: The placement checker price is GHS 5

  1. Option 1 to continue
  2. Enter your Name
  3. Confirm Payment
  4. Enter Mobile Money (MM) Pin
  5. The CSSPS eVoucher code will be sent via SMS

Buy CSSPS Voucher via MOMO (Mobile Money)

  1. Dial mobile money shortcode *170#
  2. Select option 2 Momo pay & pay bill
  3. Then, Option 2Pay bill
  4. Select Option 5 – General payment
  5. Enter Payment Code: MONICLIQ
  6. Amount: 7GHC
  7. Reference: SHS
  8. Confirm payment by entering your MOMO Secret code

CSSPS Verification and Confirmation Portal | Login

How to Purchase CSSP School Placement E-Voucher Online

  1. Visit the CSSPS Website
  2. Follow the instruction on the page
  3. Choose your mobile wallet, and make payment for your E-Voucher.

Guide to Self Placement

Self placement is a manual process that allows candidates who do not get any of their choices an opportunity to select among the available schools with vacancies.

  1. Kindly visit the CSSPS Website
  2. Select check placement module on the page to continue the process
  3. Buy an E-Voucher Pin
  4. Enter your E-Voucher’s Pin and your Index number
  5. You will be provided with a selection of schools to pick from, based on your aggregate.
  6. Choose your desired school, as well as your residential preference (Day/Boarding)

Easy ways to check your WAEC BECE results on mobile phone

Check CSSPS School Placement

  1. To check schools placement, visit the CSSPS Website
  2. Purchase an E-Voucher with Mobile Money (eg. MTN, VODAFONE, AIRTEL TIGO)
  3. Tap on Placement
  4. Enter your Index Number and E-Voucher Pin

NB: Enter your B.E.C.E index number followed by the year of completion (eg. 100000000022)