Check Orbit TVET College Online Application Status

Check Orbit TVET College Online Application Status

An applicant who has applied to study at Orbit TVET College can now check the admission status of their online application. Learn how to apply at Orbit College online.

How to Check Orbit TVET College Online Application Status

Follow these comprehensive step-by-step guides to check the status of your admission application online.

  1. Access Orbit TVET College Student Portal
  2. Login with your Student Number and PIN
  3. Navigate to Student Web
  4. Tap on Application
  5. Tap on the “Academic Admission Status” button

Check your status if ADMITTED”. All new students must apply for an NSFAS bursary first by accessing the NSFAS Portal.

Online Registration of Academic Courses

Both new and returning applicants after checking their application status online can register for their courses online via Orbit College Student ITS Self Help iEnabler.

When your Registration is complete:

  1. Go to Campus and VERIFY your registration.
  2. Go to the Student Card Office to print your card.
  3. Attend Induction/Orientation- Student Support.
  4. Collection of Textbooks and stationery.

Take note:

The Registration & Application system on the i-Enabler is only open for a specified period – ask your campus.

Exemptions, Cancellations, Supplementary Exams (NCV) & Exam Only (NATED) must be done by the College Admin Staff – therefore documentation must be completed and submitted to the campus administration

No ­final approvals will be done during the APPLICATION process.

The status of your application will be dependent on your ­final results and the College selection criteria. Approvals will only be done after results have been received from DHET, after which you will be able to proceed with registering online. If you meet the requirements you will be notified via an SMS whether you have been provisionally accepted or not. Make sure that the contact number you provide is valid.

There is no guarantee that your space is secure as admission is dependent on your academic performance as per DHET admission policy.