Census Night: 2021PHC counting begins tonight

Census Night: 2021PHC counting begins tonight

What is Census Night?

Census Night is the midnight of Sunday, June 27, 2021. For purpose of counting, that night is referred to as Census Night

All counting would be referenced to that night. The Census night will be marked with these activities in many communities in Ghana

Key Census Night celebrations activities

  • Brass Band & Spinning
  • Tolling of Church Bells
  • “Azan” from Mosques
  • Traditional Drumming
  • Cultural and Film Shows
  • Lighting of Bon Fires

Who will be enumerated on Census Night?

Person to be enumeration on the Census Night (i.e. Sunday, June 27, 2021), are the following categories:

  1. Persons who are in transit (long distance travelers will be counted at the major transit points such as lorry stations)
  2. Person who sleep in the open in front of stores, markets, office, on pavements, etc.
  3. Persons who will spend the census night in short stay institutions such as hotels and guest houses.

What is expected of the Public on Census day?

The information to be provided on household members as well as persons who spent the Census Night in your household will include:

  1. Household membership status, age and date of birth, sex, ethnicity, nationality, religion, marital status and place of birth
  2. Literacy and education
  3. Economic activity
  4. Difficulties in performing activity including seeing, hearing, walking, and self-care
  5. Ghanaian living abroad
  6. Use of information and communication
  7. Maternal and paternal orphan hood
  8. Children born to women 12 years or older and child survival
  9. Deaths of household members within the past 12 months
  10. Ownership of household Assets g. TV sets, car, radio and bicycle
  11. Housing conditions e.g. construction materials of roof, walls, and floor of housing unit
  12. Health insurance coverage
  13. Sanitation facilities e.g. type of toilet and means of waste water and refuse disposal

Why is it necessary to conduct the Census?

The census provides updated statistical data to support the following development and activities, including planning, budgeting and effective policy. It also provides update information at the locality, district, regional and national levels.

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