CBN Portal

CBN Portal

Access the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN Currency Redesign Cash Return Portal via to deposit your old notes depositor and learn how to track your deposit.

About CBN Old Naira Notes Deposit and Tracking

The Central Bank of Nigeria has opened a portal for the collection of old naira notes from people who still have the notes with them.

The CBN Portal required depositors to fill in their Bank Verification Number, phone number, email address, bank details, address, the amount to be deposited as well as the denominations to be deposited, after which a reference number would be generated.

With the reference number, the depositor could track the status of the deposit through the portal. The depositor was also expected to visit a CBN branch with a printout of the filled form.

To deposit old notes at a CBN branch, customers would be required to have a completed online application form, a copy of valid means of identification, and a completed teller.

Once the account is verified, the equivalent of the cash would then be deposited in the customer’s bank account.

“The CBN branches do not open accounts for individuals. As such, individuals who wish to deposit their old, redesigned notes must have an active account with a Deposit Money Bank”.

“Individuals who wish to deposit their old, redesigned notes are required to be orderly and comply with the instructions of the security personnel and other staff when in the Bank’s premises.  If validation turns out negative, the Bank will return the invalidated old, redesigned notes in the form deposited, the guideline read”.

How to Download and Print NIN Slip Online

How to Deposit Your CBN Old Naira Notes

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to access and login to the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN Portal to deposit your old naira notes.

  1. Explore
  2. Access the Cash Collection Portal
  3. Tap on Get Started
  4. Register to submit old cash notes

The deposit can ONLY be done ONCE

  • Depositor Type
  • Select Bank
  • Enter your account number
  • Account Name
  • Enter Depositor’s Phone Number
  • Enter Email Address
  • Depositor Address
  • Input Address
  • Enter Amount
  1. Generate Reference Number

How to Track Your CNB Old Naira Deposit

Here’s how to check and track your old naira deposit.

  1. Access the CNB Portal
  2. Tap on Deposit Tracking
  3. Select Depositor Type
  4. Enter Tracking Reference
  5. Tap on the Search button