Botswana Online DTEF Government Sponsorship Application

Botswana Online DTEF Government Sponsorship Application

Learn how to apply for Department of Tertiary Education Financing, DTEF under the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, MoESD government sponsorship online in Botswana.

About Botswana Online DTEF Government Sponsorship

The Department of Tertiary Education Financing, DTEF under the Ministry of Education and Skills Development invites applications from qualified citizens of Botswana for Tertiary Education Government Sponsorship for 2023/2024 Intake.

All applicants are therefore advised to adhere to the terms and conditions for applying for sponsorship as stated in this notice to ensure compliance to set requirements. Applicants are expected to have an email account/address to apply for sponsorship. The applicants will be allowed a maximum of 3 choices of programmes.

The Department has developed and deployed an online or e-services module for use in processing applications for Tertiary Education Government Sponsorship. In this regard, applicants will submit their tertiary education financing application for the 2023/2024 sponsorship cycle online.

The system will validate your citizenship, age, secondary school results, admission at the University/College, and accreditation status of the programme applied for before awarding a sponsorship.

All applicants who fall under the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Remote Area Communities (RAC), and Special Educational Needs (SEN) categories should confirm their status with the respective administrative offices managing the programmes and subsequently log on to the system to apply for sponsorship within the time scheduled for students in this category of sponsorship.

DTEF Sponsorship Type

The system will open for the following sponsorship types.

  • New Student – Special Dispensation Category (OVC, RAC, and SEN)
  • Top Achievers
  • Elite (as nominated by the Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sports, and Culture)
  • Deferred sponsorship

The under-listed groups of applicants should submit their applications by e-mail [email protected]

  • Dependents of Diplomats – (Dependents of diplomats applying for external placement)
  • Deferred New Sponsorship (Individuals who were offered sponsorship in the previous year(s) but could not utilize the sponsorship)

The applicant is expected to upload required supporting documents, therefore keep ready scanned copies of such supporting documents in pdf, jpeg, png, or jpg format for uploading.

Eligibility Criteria

Find out who is eligible to apply for the DTEF Government Sponsorship in Botswana. To be eligible for a Government sponsorship you must:

  • Be a citizen of Botswana
  • Be able to complete the programme of study before turning thirty-five (35) years of age
  • Have obtained a minimum cut off points of 36 points or better at BGCSE or equivalent for Mainstream and 31 points for OVC/RAC/SEN applicants in previous years
  • Not have benefitted from Government sponsorship before.
  • Have a minimum of 36 points or better in BGCSE or equivalent after they have upgraded their results.

Required Application Documents

The following documents should be uploaded into the system:

  • Copy of Statement of Results (BGCSE or equivalent)
  • Copy of valid National Identity Card (Omang) or Birth certificate where one is below 16 years or doesn’t have OMANG
  • Copy of admission letter from a recognized tertiary institution of your choice stating programme of study, programme duration, and costs of the programme.
  • Affidavit from the Commissioner of Oaths in case your names are different as contained in the academic certificate, Birth Certificate, and National Identity Card (Omang).
  • Official confirmation of change of surnames if surnames in the academic certificate and Omang are not the same
  • A clearance letter from the institution was previously placed for Individuals who did not utilize their previous sponsorship.
  • A cover letter from the Embassy confirming your status as a dependent of a Diplomat.

How to Apply for Botswana Online DTEF Government Sponsorship

Follow the Online Tertiary Education Sponsorship application procedures to apply.

  1. Visit the Official DTEF Website for the Online Tertiary Education Sponsorship
  2. Tap to Sign Up, top right, this allows you to create a user account to use to interact with DTEF
  3. Capture your details as per the form displayed
  4. Enter a valid email address (e.g. [email protected])
  5. Tap to Create New Account
  6. Tap on Apply for Sponsorship
  7. Choose the Application Type
  8. Ensure that the form displays New Students
  9. Provide Exam details
  10. Fill in the information on personal details
  11. Enter Program Details
  12. Select the institution and the systems will auto-fill other details.
  13. Attaching the relevant documents
  14. Upload the relevant supporting documents in pdf, jpeg, png, or jpg format in the Attachment section
  15. Declare, Preview, and Select Submit
  16. Select “My Application New Student” on the Main Menu
  17. Select and view the Memorandum of Agreement on the table that appears
  18. Select Accept on the table to generate an Offer letter
  19. Save the Offer letter then view PDF to download

The reset button will allow you to start the application afresh and clear all that you have captured before. This applies only to applications that have not been submitted, including the ones in Saved as ‘Drafts’

For applicants who do not meet the minimum required cut-off point, the system will not allow you to proceed to the next step. A notification email will be sent to you through the email address you provided to that effect.

Well done, learn how to download the DTEF sponsorship acceptance letter.

Mode of Application

  • Hand-delivered applications will not be accepted
  • Failure to submit all supporting documents will render your application incomplete. Only applications on the above-listed fields of study will be considered for sponsorship.
  • Appeals to the Ministry against the decision of the Director DTEF regarding the non-approval of sponsorship application will only be considered within 14 calendar days of having received the response.
  • The Department of Tertiary Education Financing reserves the right not to award sponsorship if the applicants do not satisfactorily meet the application requirements.

Sponsorship Restrictions:

  • Applicants whose admission information is not captured in the system by the relevant institution will not be permitted to apply.
  • The system will not permit applications from individuals who do not have a National Identity number or birth certificate number.
  • The system will NOT permit applications from individuals with academic points below the cut-off points.
  • The system will only permit applications under the special dispensation category of sponsorship for individuals whose information has been uploaded into the system by the relevant administrative offices.
  • The Department will not process applications from students who sat for examinations after December


  • Admission at Tertiary Institution does not guarantee the award of Government sponsorship.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee sponsorship.
  • Submission of an application online does not guarantee an award of sponsorship
  • Any false statement or declaration made to acquire sponsorship/loan may result in nullification of the application, revocation of the sponsorship offer, and may result in prosecution.
  • Availability of programs is based on a first come first served basis.

Application Inquiries:

For any information, applicants are advised to contact the Department from 0730hrs to 1630hrs on weekdays only through the under-listed lines:

Call Centre: 3719364/3719439/3719441/3719473.

Publicity office: 3719319/3719320/3719321/3719322.