BEC PSLE Timetable

BEC PSLE Timetable

Browse and download the Primary School Leaving Examination, PSLE Timetable PDF and find the Examinations scheduled for the first session and those for the second session.

Botswana Examinations Council Primary School Leaving Examination Timetable

The Botswana Examinations Council, BEC has released the Primary School Leaving Examination, PSLE. This PSLE timetable contains a full list, in date order, of all the examinations, instructions, and guidelines about the examinations.

The timetable must be followed throughout. If the time duration on the question paper differs from that shown on the timetable, then the timetable should be followed. The Examinations scheduled for the first session should start at 08:00, and those for the second session should begin at 11:00.

Any time required for candidates to read through question papers, study maps, etc. is already included in the duration of the examination as shown on the timetable and the front cover of the question paper. No additional time should be allowed except for some Special Needs papers, of which specific instructions will be enclosed.

General Notes on PSLE Timetable

  • The Invigilator’s manual and the timetable should be in each examination room at all times for the duration of the examination period.
  • The Invigilator should confirm with candidates before opening the envelope that the paper is the timetabled one.
  • At the beginning of each examination session, the Invigilator should open sealed packets of the question papers in the presence of candidates. The Chief Invigilator must ensure that the correct question paper packet is opened at the scheduled time in the timetable.
  • At the end of each examination, scripts and answer sheets should be sealed in the presence of the candidates.
  • The attendance register for each scheduled examination should be completed before the candidates are dismissed from the examination room.
  • All scripts and answer sheets will be collected from the center after the last paper has been written. Communication will be made to centers on time regarding arrangements for the collection of scripts.

Primary School Leaving Examination, PSLE Timetable 2023




Wednesday, October 4, 202303/1Mathematics08:00 – 09:30
Thursday, October 5, 202305/1Social Studies Paper 108:00 – 09:30
Friday, October 6, 202301/1Setswana Paper 108:00 – 09:30
Monday, October 9, 202302/1English Paper 108:00 – 09:3004/1Science Paper 111:00 – 12:00
Tuesday, October 10, 202307/1Religious & Moral Education Paper 108:00 – 09:3001/2Setswana Paper 2 Composition & Letter11:00 – 12:00
Wednesday, October 11, 202306/1Agriculture Paper 108:00 – 09:30

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