How to Apply for KNEC Statement of Results

How to Apply for KNEC Statement of Results

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) understands one can accidentally lose important documents, including academic papers or certificates. If you lose your certificates, you can apply for a letter of certification. To apply, a copy of either the original certificate or result slip is a mandatory requirement.

However, if you don’t have either, there is still help! You can apply for a statement of results (confirmation), which is a great option done on a need basis. This will be sent directly to the institution that needs to verify your exam results.

How to Apply for KNEC Statement of Results (CONFIRMATION)

  1. Register an account at or through Kenya E-citizen
  2. Log in with the credentials sent to your email
  3. Select the Confirmation option from the menu
  4. Fill in the required details:
  • Index Number, Type of exam, and Year then click find
  • Destination address details (The institution requesting confirmation)
  • Addressee
  • Purpose of confirmation
  1. Attach a copy of the certificate/ result slip/result printout
  2. Submit the application and wait for the system to generate the payment details
  3. You will receive an SMS notification to log in and make payment
  4. Make the payment and wait for your application to be processed

KNEC has automated the process of submitting examination-related queries by clients.

QMIS is accessible online and clients do not need to visit KNEC offices physically to raise queries unless they are collecting documents generated after their queries have been resolved.

  • KNEC Helpline: 0720741004/0732333566

In case you select dispatch via courier: contact their helpline at the bottom of the page for further guidance.

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