Access the Ghana Institute of Journalism – GIJ Student Portal

Access the Ghana Institute of Journalism – GIJ Student Portal

Access the Ghana Institute of JournalismGIJ Student Portal here with your Username and Password. GIJ Portal is a Students Information System (SIS) where students login to create an account, register courses, check exams results, view admission status/list, start an application, and access personal statements.

Explore GIJ Student Portal

  1. Login here GIJ Students Information System
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Tap Login

GIJ Online Course Registration Process

Semester Course registrations are confirmed to indicate the acceptance of the student to take the end-of-semester exam for the confirmed course(s) and also select their course groups.

Steps for Online Semester Course Registration

  1. Login GIJ Student Online Portal here:
  2. Enter your Username (BACSXXXX, DCSXXXXX, MAXXXXXXX) and Password
  3. Tap on Student > My Information to display the Student Details page.
  4. Tap the Other Information button to display the course registration
  5. Retake and Requests tab page
  6. Locate and Tap on the Select button to choose your groups per the timetable
  7. Tap Confirm Registration button to confirm the courses

Login GIJ LMS Portal | Learning Management System


Note that the Confirm Registration button will only be visible if the student has paid the required percentage of the Academic Facility User Fees and the SRC dues.

The Confirmed column in the semester course registration changes from False to True to indicate confirmation of the courses registered.