Access My FSU Portal

Access My FSU Portal

Explore the Florida State University – My FSU Portal and login with your FSUID and Password to have access to the links and resources you need as a student of the university.

About My FSU Portal

My Portal is a personal gateway to the links and resources you need to be successful at Florida State University. For example, as a student, myFSU Portal gives you quick access to the student information system where you can manage everything from financial aid to academics.

Meanwhile, faculty and staff members are provided with other resources to help them with advising, teaching, or administrative functions on campus. Having a central location, the myFSU Portal, gives you everything you need to interact as a member of the FSU community is at your fingertips.

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How to Access My FSU Portal

Reporting a problem is easy. If you have an FSUID, select FSUID Sign in. If you do not have an FSUID or cannot currently login, select Guest Sign in.

How to Login and Schedule Class

Follow the steps below to manage your class schedule in my FSU Portal.

  1. Locate the My Courses portlet
  2. Select the Current tab
  3. Choose the appropriate action:
  • To add a course to your schedule, click the Plus Sign icon
  • To drop a course from your schedule, click the Trash Can icon
  • To see open sections of a class you are currently enrolled in, click the Swap icon
  • To search for other available courses, click the Search icon

How to view your grade on My FSU Portal

Here is how to view your grades in both myFSU Portal and your Student Center.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate down the page and Tap myFSU
  3. Login with your FSUID and Password
  4. Under the My Courses portlet, ensure the Current tab is active.
  5. The Grade column is above the Course Quicklinks fly-out menu. When grades are posted at the end of the term, your grades appear here.
  6. To see grades from previous terms, click the Past tab
  7. Tap on the drop-down box arrow and choose the term for which you want to view grades, and grades for that term appear immediately below.

Viewing Grades through Student Center

  1. If you’re already in your Student Center, in the Academics area click the drop-down box arrow.
  2. Select Grades and click the >> arrow.
  3. Your View My Grades page appears.
  4. Click the change term button to select the term for which you want to view grades.
  5. After selecting the term, click Continue.
  6. Your View My Grades page reappears with the selected term displayed.

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My FSU Housing Portal

Housing contracts are available to students after they have been formally admitted to FSU. Admitted students can contract electronically by accessing our online contract available on our website. Students may also visit the Housing Office, located in the Student Life Center, and fill out a hard copy of the Housing Contract.

How to Access the FSU Housing Portal

  1. Visit the URL:
  2. Enter your FSUID and Password
  3. Tap Sign In

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