8 Steps to Make the Best BECE School Selection in 2021

8 Steps to Make the Best BECE School Selection in 2021

The Ghana Education Service (GES) by this communiqué wishes to inform parents, teachers, students, and the general public that the 2021 schools register is NOT for sale. Applicants can download here for free and follow the 8 Steps to Make the Best BECE School Selection choices in 2021.

Download BECE School Selection List 2021 PDF

GES has supplied all District Education Offices with hard copies of the register to aid the students in their school selection. Besides, the register has been uploaded on our website, www.ges.gov.gh. This can be View and Downloaded here.

Do not buy from any school. You do that at your own risk.

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) in Ghana

BECE  Computerized School Selection and Placement System

As part of measures to ensure a smooth placement of qualified Basic Education Certificate Examination candidates for 2021, the Ghana Education Service/ Technical and Vocational Education and Training Service (GES/TVETS) have put in place the following guidelines for the information of parents/guardians/teachers/candidates and the general public.

Download GES SHS Selection Register and Guidelines

8 Steps to Make the Best BECE School Selection Choices in 2021

  1. All SHS/SHTS/TVET institutions have been placed in 4 categories, namely; Category A, B, C, and D.
  2. All candidates must choose their 1ST to 5TH choices from schools in Category A, B, and C in order of preference.
  3. Each choice must have a program and accommodation preference. Day / Boarding
  4. Candidates and parents should note that Category A schools can only be selected once and Category B Schools can be selected twice. A candidate can select all 5 choices from category C.
  • Category B Candidate can select 2 schools
  • Category A Candidate can select only 1 school
  • Category C Candidate can select 5 schools

List of Category A, B, C and D Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana

  1. Additionally, candidates are to select a compulsory day as the 6th choice from category D or choose boarding School from the list of schools in Appendix 3 (of the 2021 schools register) as Special Boarding.
  • Category D represents the Day school option. These are schools that candidates’ can attend as day students and therefore must be schools that are located in the candidates’ catchment area.
  • Appendix 3 contains Special Boarding Schools that can be selected as boarding for the 6th choice selection.
  • Category D: Represent the Day school option.
  1. Candidates who wish to offer only TVET Programmes must select all six (6) TVETS schools from CATEGORY A, B, and C as Day or Boarding.
  2. In total, all candidates must select six (6) schools.
  3. Parents are supposed to supervise their wards in the selection and filling process, sign and submit forms to their current Junior High Schools (JHS). Check here for some examples of correct choice selection.