4 Relevant Steps for NTC Licence Registration

4 Relevant Steps for NTC Licence Registration

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has outline some four (4) relevant steps that teacher’s registration on the Teacher Portal Ghana need to follow in order to have a smooth issuance of teacher licence in Ghana.

NTC Licence Registration for in-Service Teachers

Step 1: What will cause your delay at the centre?

  • All prospective in-service teacher must receive their registered number before proceeding to the registration centre.

Step 2: What will cause a delay in teachers getting a registered number?

  • All qualified must register on the TPG Portal-tpg.ntc.gov.gh
  • All relevant document such as first professional certificate and first appointment letter should be upload on your Teacher Portal Ghana.
  • In addition, teachers who requested for name changes, but failed to upload their gazette or affidavit.

Step 3: Why is your NTC Teacher Portal Ghana still pending approval?

  • If you failed to fill in all required (*) field during Teacher Portal Ghana registration.
  • When you failed to Save after filling a required (*) field.
  • Also, when you failed to attend to all queries from NTC Teacher Portal Ghana, sent to you via SMS or email.

Step 4: I am still having problem registering on the Teacher Portal Ghana, What should I do?

Please, contact NTC on:




You can also email at [email protected]


After exhausting all these steps and still have challenges receiving your NTC teachers registered number, NTC encourage you to remain patiently until the team gets into your region.

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