16 Contestants of Ghana’s Most Beautiful GMB

16 Contestants of Ghana’s Most Beautiful GMB

Ghana’s Most Beautiful, 2021 journey in search of another Queen begins.

All the 16 intelligent and elegant ladies who have come to represent their regions and showcase the beauty of its proud culture on Ghana’s Most Beautiful, 2021. After hard work, resilience, and creativity,  Sarfoa won 2021 Ghana’s Most Beautiful – GMB 2021. Check results and winners list here.

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Akosua – Oti Region
Akosua - Oti Region

Beatrice Obiri Nortey, stage name Akosua is a 26-year-old Property Sales Executive and Oti Region representative.

Akosua loves reading, listening to music, and dancing.

She hopes to leverage the GMB platform to create a tribe of women mentors to serve as role models for young girls.

Your Oti Region Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant – Nana

Nana made it to Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant to exhibit Oti Region’s multi-cultural setting, its extraordinary scenic beauty, its rich heritage, and the tradition that is the envy of many people

Akua – Ahafo Region

Akua GMB 2021 Ahafo Region

25-year-old Constance Adu Yeboah, stage name Akua, is a registered midwife and representing the Ahafo region.

Akua loves reading, swimming, and playing lawn tennis.

She hopes to tackle the alarming rate of maternal mortality in Ghana.

Your Ahafo Region Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant – Akua

Akua is here to show the heritage beauty of the Ahafo Region by expressing its traditional specialty, its tourist attractions, cultural vibrancy, and the open and warm-hearted nature of her people

Setor – Volta Region

Setor Volta Region GMB 2021
Setor Abra Norgbe is a 28-year-old medical doctor representing the Volta Region.

She loves reading, writing, dancing, and listening to music.

Setor aspires to be a multifaceted doctor and hopes to become an icon and inspiration to young girls.

Your Volta region GMB2021 contestant – Setor

Setor is bringing you the fine regalia of the Volta Region on Ghana’s Most Beautiful. She’s ready to exhibit the unique culture and prestige, rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, and waterfalls of the region to you

Sarfoa – Ashanti Region

Sarfoa Ashanti Region GMB 2021
24-year-old Benedicta Sarfoa Asamoah, stage name Sarfoa is the Ashanti Region representative and a research assistant.

Sarfoa loves reading, dancing, acting, and listening to music.

She hopes to change the rehabilitation system in the country.

Your Ashanti region GMB2021 contestant – Sarfoa

The Ashanti Region is a kingdom of gold, history, and culture. Sarfoa is here to exhibit the Land of the Golden Stool’s culture expressed in language, passage rites, festivals, and great cuisine on Ghana’s Most Beautiful

MfodwoBono Region

Mfodwo Bono Region GMB 2021
Eva Afia Mfodwo, with the stage name Mfodwo, Bono Region representative.

She is 25-year-old and an administrator by profession.

She loves reading, cooking, and sometimes writing and aspires to be a lawyer in the future.

Eva hopes to tackle the problem of girl child education, especially for orphaned girls.

Your Bono region GMB2021 contestant – Mfodwo

Mfodwo, Bono Region’s representative, is on the train this year to show why the region continues to be a unique tourist attraction site that attracts many people from far and near.

Esi – Western North Region

Esi Western North Region GMB 2021
21-year old Priscilla Esi Nyamekye, stage name Esi and Western North representative is currently a student of Wiawso College of Education and a student-teacher.

She loves researching and watching football.

Esi is passionate about championing girl child education.

Your Western North Region Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant – Esi.

Esi is here to show the region’s culture, its tradition, its tropical jungles, the numerous mines, picturesque villages, and friendly people; and the old architectural styles and vivacious festivals

Kwansema – Central Region

Kwansema Central Region GMB 2021

20-year-old Edith Arthur, stage name Kwansema, is representing the Central Region of Ghana.

She loves singing, acting, and the spoken word.

Kwansema is angling to tackle teenage pregnancy and drug abuse in her community and hopes to use vocational skills to fight against the menace.

Your central region GMB2021 contestant – Kwansema

Kwansema is here to serve the heartbeat of the Central Region’s tourism wealth of beaches, forts and castles, and festivals.

She’s ready for a journey where she’ll exhibit the cultural uniqueness of the Central Region Ghana’s Most Beautiful

TamahNorth East Region

Tamah North East Region GMB 2021
Margaret Johnbosco, stage name, Tamah is a North-East Region representative.

She is a 28-year-old cashier and a student. She loves reading, listening to music, dancing, and riding a motorbike.

Tamah is passionate about women’s empowerment and giving hope to the less privileged.

Your North East Region GMB2021 contestant – Tamah

Tamah’s here to showcase why North East Region is a place to visit; you’ll get to see the region’s many customs, its immense cultural uniqueness, natural wonder, and true artistic beauty.

Teiya – Northern Region

Teiya Northern Region GMB 2021
Northern Region representative Abubakari Hiba, stage name Teiya is a 21-year-old student nurse at the University for Development Studies.

She loves cooking and having fun with friends.

Teiya is passionate about helping the youth identify and build their talents.

Your Northern Region GMB2021 contestant – Teiya

Teiya will exhibit her region’s distinctiveness by showing you its scenic features, exotic culture and fine traditional customs, and the beautiful legacies of a history of the largest region in Ghana

Afua – Eastern Region

Afua Eastern Region GMB 2021
19-year-old Afua, Eastern Region representative is currently a student of Knutsford University College.

She loves reading, singing, and listening to music.

Afua hopes to leverage her future role as a GMB Queen to fight against galamsey in her area.

Your Eastern Region GMB2021 contestant – Afua

Want to fall in love with the Eastern Region’s rich blend of traditional heritage, beautiful landscapes, historic relics, and traditional culture? Afua is here to showcase all of it to you

Manu – Western Region

Manu Western Region GMB 2021

22-year-old Juliana Akosua Manu, stage name Manu is service personnel of Ghana Revenue Authority and Western Region representative.

Manu loves acting, cooking, and singing.

She hopes to create awareness about menstrual health and aspires to be a great entrepreneur.

Your Western Region GMB2021 contestant – Manu

Manu wants to prove to you that the best does come from the west and that’s why she’s joined to showcase the Western Region’s rich traditional background, its friendliness, and its cultural identity.

Arama – Savannah Region

Arama Savannah Region GMB 2021
27-year-old Juliana Arama Sulemana, stage name Arama is service personnel and Savannah Region representative.

Arama loves traveling, reading, and cooking.

She aspires to become a lawyer and she’s passionate about creating awareness and ending stigmatization on mental health.

Your Savannah Region GMB2021 contestant – Arama

Arama wants you to love the region’s culture, its amazing people, beautiful clusters of shrubs, the sweet sprinkling of trees, and the traditional architecture of round huts with the iconic thatched roofs

Wedaga – Upper East

Wedaga Upper East GMB 2021

Born Princess Diana Wedaga Ayongo, stage name Wedaga is a 21-year-old student representing the Upper East Region.

Wedaga loves reading and debating and she’s passionate about curbing teenage pregnancy in society through extensive sex education.

Your Upper East GMB2021 contestant – Wedaga

Wedaga’s love for her region is why she wants you to love the region’s rich culture, whistling rocks of Tongo, its splendid place for basket ware and traditional clothing, and the sacred crocodile sanctuary

Nana – Bono East Region

Nana Bono East Region GMB 2021

20-year-old Nana Akua Aduofuaa, stage name Nana is an undergraduate French student of KNUST and Bono East Representative.

Nana loves reading and learning other languages.

She hopes to use the GMB2021 platform to launch her safe period project and aspires to be the best French teacher in Ghana.

Your Bono East Region GMB2021 contestant – Nana

Nana made it to Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant to exhibit Bono East Region’s multi-cultural setting, its extraordinary scenic beauty, its rich heritage, and the tradition that is the envy of many people.

Dede – Greater Accra Region

Dede Greater Accra Region GMB 2021
21-year-old Princess Dede Tetteh, stage name Dede is the Greater Accra representative.

Dede is a beautician and loves cooking, reading, and listening to music.

She aspires to be a lawyer and hopes to change the perception surrounding mental health issues in the country

Your Greater Accra Region Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant – Dede

Dede is on GMB2021 to showcase her region’s culture, customs, absorbing museums and fine public monuments, modern business and commercial activity, as well as the busy lifestyle of the region.

Teroo – Upper West

Teroo Upper West GMB 2021
24-year-old nurse Dora Mwinteroo Diywoh, stage name Teroo is representing the Upper West Region. Teroo is passionate about tackling teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality, which she believes would reduce the poverty rate in her community.

Your Upper West Region’s GMB2021 contestant – Teroo

On GMB2021, Teroo will showcase the Upper West Region’s rich heritage, beautiful landscape, vibrant people, and the elegant communal activities that have gone on for generations.

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